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Short story +updated+ *Horror/Gore/murder*

There are only 3 questions on everyone’s lips
They speak them in slurs, as though saying them confirms them, makes them more real. Simple words horrify them, disgusts them. Three perfectly innocent
questions. Who's next? Where? Why?
But they are devoi...

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Some would you rathers

I didn't come up with these, credit of : )

These are the circumstances…
A powerful deity decends from on high and informs you that, for reasons beyond your understanding, your life is about to change. He allows you to choose between...

76 views · Sex

What should I tell her?

This is another one of my two-part questions.
I really like this one guy.His name is Jerick.He recently started hanging out with me and my friends when we go outside.My best friend Rachel likes him too,but she also said that she likes another guy,as a ...

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How do I STOP Bullies??!!!

One day I was walking to my home from the mall with a bunch of flowers. I was really excited to put them in my room. All of a sudden these guys come out of no where and ask me some really weird questions, so I answer. Randomly one guy hits me in the fa...

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How can I best improve my fitness?

I am 15 years old, about 5'9 and weigh about 130lbs. I've recently got some dumbells and have started doing home abs exercises which I found on youtube -

I've also started jogging a bit, but not very often or chall...

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Where can I buy an affordable computer?

so I have a bit of a computer problem. I have a VERY old emachines that was running really well and has lasted me a long time. T6209 is the model version. anywyas, last year I added a gb of ram and a new 7600 Nvidia video card, and its been running ver...

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Sister trying to Ruin my life

I Have an annoying, heartless sister who is 2 years younger then me. We have grown up very diff., Me and my Dad and Her and my Mom. My sister has had everything given to her, her whole life. She barely works, and when she does she nly lasts a week or s...

172 views · Parents & Family

Crushing on a boy who's difficult to read...what do I do?

I’ve liked this guy for about a year now. (Let’s call him Mark.) We’re both very shy, and I don’t know if Mark likes me too.
I’ve invited him places, but he always had something going on. In return, Mark’s invited me to a few of his band’s concerts, a...

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Do I need counseling?

About 5 months have passed since the last time I spoke to a counsellor because I had an incident where I tried to hurt myself by drinking loads of pills all at once. I didn't stop conselling because I didn't need it anymore but just thought I didn't. M...

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what should I do? Do you think I should make a move?pleaseee help!?

One of my closest guy friends has been acting differently around me and im starting to have feelings for him. He recently broke up with his girlfriend who he has been with on and off for a year and a half. I have a feeling they'll probably end up back ...

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corrupting my body!

sooo...I def want indian feathers behind my right ear and the chinese symbol for crazy behind my left ear [kind of a family thing...long story]! I can't wait!

I'm getting a tattoo on my right side of an octopus and it's gonna have a lil seahorse and...

21 views · Beauty & Style

How can I talk to my best friend about this?

My best friend and I have been talking for a year or so everyday. literally everyday...
I've liked him for a long time. Before we even started talking again. About three years ago I met him in a band that was just getting started. I take pictures for ...

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Neighbors attack my son

There is a section 8 rental on our street, there are 7-8 people living there only 5 of wich are suppose to be. All of the children are 8 and under. Our problems started right away, these children began giving inappropriate info to the rest of the kids ...

48 views · Sex

Should we try our relationship again?

I'm feeling all mixed up right now. Yesterday my friend from my old school had a Christmas party, so i decided to go with my best friend. *we ended up being the only girls, but thats okay* Surprisingly i saw my ex there, it felt really awkward...

96 views · Love & Relationships

How can I get her to see I'm an adult?

Sorry but this is going to be long I have to explain it all.
My Aunt is a retired 5th grade teacher she was a teacher for most of her life. She has been extreamly helpfull twards me in some aspects and I am glad to have her, just wish things were diff...

8 views · Parents & Family

Nice Killer -new song

Brand new song I would love to call Nice Killer if you want to know what it means,Fun Mail me it's for my CD Mocking Truth

Turning on the news everyday seeing the same sh*t about serial killers
Always so disgusted by the videos they show of a dead pe...

62 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Is he interested in me or planning something big?

Whoever is reading my question, I must warn you that this is pretty long. Here it goes.

I absolutely don’t know what to do. I am so desperately lonely because I have never ever been in a relationship. I think the only guy I want to be with is my best ...

29 views · Love & Relationships

How do I endure the next year of my life?

Hello, my name is Dylan and I'm 16 soon to be 17. How do I live with such strict christian parents? I've searched the whole internet and cannot find a single person with parents as strict as mine. To start off with, I seriously wish I even HAD a curfew...

20 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How to tell my parents I want to move out?

I'm 20 years old so I realise I'm not really as young as the 18 year olds nor am I quite there at the 21 'oh you're an adult' stage.

My parents don't like me spending time outside of the house - it really bugs them that I'm not home once it turns dar...

62 views · Parents & Family

Should I still be concerned about my bf's relationship with other close "friends"?

8months have went by so fast and our relationship is strong. However, I still feel gloomy, nervous andinsecure whenever he sees or talks to other friends. With guys it's all smooth and alright but with another girl that he considers a close "friend" re...

24 views · Love & Relationships

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