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What are some of the most popular songs starting from the 60's up to now?

So I'm making a video for school about music. There's a part where I talk about different music from each decade. I want the music in the background to reflect that decade, to be recognizable to my audience if possible, the class is 7th-8th), and to be...

23 views · Music

What do you think of this poem?

This is a poem basically about child abuse. I was watching this music video called AlyssaLies and it was showing child abuse statistics and I just thought this up:

"I saw what was wrong
Inside I knew all along
He stopped even trying to hide it
I think...

12 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Step mom treats me badly, how can I deal with it?

HI, I live in a family of 5. Me my dad, 2 real sisters, a step sister and a step mom. She treats me like im dirt. Her step daughter is the biggest H** in the WORLD and goes out with every guy in her school!! also her mom treats her like she is the quee...

265 views · Parents & Family

My sister is a biotch!!!

Ok, so my sister I have to say is the biggest biotch of the family she hates my guts and she is such an instigator(a biotch who likes to start a bunch of bs with one another) she tells me in my face "sorry the devil posessed you" and " I hope one day y...

34 views · Parents & Family

scared what people will think

ok im 23...the other day I had a really good day and decided to dance and look better for myself ...I have new legwarmers new trainers...bought all new excercise equipment and new clothes looking forward to looking better and pretty but then this thing...

12 views · Love & Relationships

Why am I not losing weight, and how can I improve it?

Hi guys! :-) Okay here's my problem. I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years now... I KNOW I have a slow metabolism, but I have been trying so hard I feel like giving up. I tried for a few months eating fruits, veggies, drinking only water, and w...

22 views · Nutrition & Fitness

oppinion on aneroxics?

I no tis isnt a question but I seen this girl asking!!

***hay could you help me become anorexic please. how did you get skinny? lease tell me what you did. you look great***

Omg it just broke my heart reading it I have been aneroxic since 2001 an...

30 views · Health

How can I be supportive of my boyfriends cross-dressing fetish?

My love and I have been together for quite sometime and I love him dearly. This is the man I am spending my life with. However, I recently discovered he has a weird fetish for Lady boys and cross dressing. He has always liked when I wear pantyhose and ...

108 views · Sex NSFW

Anyone willing to make a rap about Nitrogen?

I have to make a rap about an element and I got assigned nitrogen.

I have to include these facts:
Name: Nitrogen
Symbol: N
Origin of the name: Greek
Atomic number: 7
Atomic mass: 14.0067
Boiling point: 77.4 K
Melting point: 63.05 K
Person an...

26 views · Music

How can I be supportive of my boyfriends strange fetish?

My love and I have been together for quite sometime and I love him dearly. This is the man I am spending my life with. However, I recently discovered he has a weird fetish for "Lady boys" and cross dressing. He has always liked when I wear pantyhose an...

157 views · Sex NSFW

Break up or Resolve Issues?


I have been in a long distance relationship (1500 miles) for about 3 months now. We both fell head over heels in love during the first 2 months and we met in person for 4 days about a month ago and it went absolutely beautiful. We both enjoye...

49 views · Love & Relationships

English Bull Dog, French Bull dog or Pug?

For my graduation gift to myself i'm looking to get (most likely rescue) a new member to my family. I'm originally from the northern part of Florida so we do get a lot of heat and humidity which I know can be a health hazard. I do plan to travel a lot ...

21 views · Pets & Animals

Bringing Exyback?

Yesterday, I met up with an ex... after not seeing him for 4+ months.
We hung out for around four hours, and in that time, we were... Close. Like we used to be.

And a while before we said bye, he said "it doesnt mean anything".
He meant that the day d...

19 views · Love & Relationships

Why are there no REAL role models for teens out there?

I recently decided to do some serious assessment of the media and it makes me want to barf. Let's see, the "role models" for girls are people like The Pussycat Dolls and Jessica Simpson and for guys, we've got all these rappers like Chamillionaire and ...

24 views · Sex

How can I stop smoking?

I've smoked for 7 years now, im now 18, I have been to meetings and I've got all the equipment to help me get started!! But I've stoped smokin 2 times now and failed both times!! The 1st time I stopped smoking I stopped for 4 months, then I started age...

28 views · Health

My Mom Might Be Getting Sued

When I moved out from my dad's house (With Daniel,my bro and Cissie,my mom) we moved to an apartment. So we lived there for about 3 months,then moved back to my dad's. While I was living there a met a girl named Jadeah. Me and Jadeah became friends. My...

15 views · Parents & Family

What's the point of trying to achieve society's idea of success?

Recently, I've been thinkin about this little proverb thing that a friend told me. I goes something like;

"once there was a poor mexican fisher that lived in a quaint village with his family. though they might not have been well of financially, they...

53 views · General Knowledge

Does this make Sense?

A lot of people on this site have been saying stuff like,'There seem to be more Muslim extremists out there and every terrorist is a Muslim'.
I found this article.Does it change your opinion or smthin?It makes sense 2 me.

V iolence by extrem...

51 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Being more assertive

Well, the problem is that I'm too much of a damn push-over!!! I'll give you some examples of my " door-mat" manner:
1. A friend and I walked up to the convenience store over our lunch break at school. You have to wait in line to get in the store becaus...

13 views · Health

Isn't new music crap?

What the hell is up with this new 'cool' music? Like, wherever you turn to on the radio or much music or whatnot, it's all Natasha Bedingfield, Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Soulja Boy and other crap. Firstly, the singers don't have any talent or very li...

14 views · Sex

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