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What should I get him for Christmas?

I've been with my current boyfriend for a good while now, we've been 'together-ish' for almost 3 years, but we'll be celebrating our official 1 year anniversary of dating in March 2010. Christmas is coming up QUICKLY and I've been so busy working that ...

42 views · Shopping

Spore Problem: Graphics Card?

For Christmas I got the new Spore game unfortunatly upon installing it into our computer we realized our graphics card did not meet min specs. So we went out to the store got a PNY NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS graphics card along with a new 400 watt power su...

67 views · Computers & Tech

What do you think of this poem? Honest answers please

Everytime she looks your way,
You'll stammer and you'll choke,
Because this is pure beauty,
From a heart that never broke.

Her eyes are like blue swimming pools,
And you want to swim inside,
And they've held water over years,
Because she's never cried...

28 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Should I forgive them after all they've put me through?

Okay so, im in 10th grade and this started at the end of my 9th grade year, all through the summer, up till about two months ago.

I got into a fight with these two girls in my grade because they say I was "talking sh*t" and it turned into this huge th...

32 views · Love & Relationships

I'm not sure what to say or do

I really started to like a person I started to talk to for 3 weeks. I feel very happy when I talk to the person, brightens my day. We spend one day cuddeling and playing video games the whole day. it was the best day ever. Then they end up telling me t...

28 views · Love & Relationships

Is this a good law or bad law ?

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has signed a bill that has shocked many of the state's residents - open bathrooms - This bill allows men to go into women's restrooms and locker rooms and vice versa because we are told that we cannot discriminate against ...

66 views · Sex

Victory in Iraq?

What exactly is "victory in Iraq"? I am not an anti-war protester or anything, but I have been confused about this war. We all now know that there was no connection prewar between Iraqi government and the Al Qeda, we all know there is no WMD's. What...

22 views · Politics & Law

When 2 miscarriages/period late 6 days/ blood when I wipe?

My cycles have never been normal, even the january cycle was awkward, starting earlier than normal and lasting longer than usual. I have had 2 miscarriages, my last period was 01/08/10 and it is now 02/10/10. According to all of the "calendars" I'm 5-6...

34 views · Health

Two decade bjt-opamp cascade inverting voltage amplifier

Can somebody help me to find this kind of really appreciete your help

Only one bjt,one opamp ua741 and asingle power supply of 12v must be used. A 10k ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amp...

349 views · Computers & Tech

How do I fix bunions?

It's not from shoes. When I was a baby I loved walking around on my toes and my mom thought it was just normal because I loved ballerinas and stuff.. but as I got older I ALWAYS walked on them and It was hard for me to not. Im 13 now and I walk normall...

48 views · Health

Roomate delemma please help

So this guy that has been staying with us for over six months is my boyfriends best friend, and he has never helped out with rent and he never picks up after himself, he is an all around bad house guest. I gave him a two week notice about 4weeks ago, h...

19 views · Love & Relationships

So theirs this amazing guy but I dont know how he feels

Ok so I really like this guy and we didnt really know each other very well until a few months ago. He doesnt go 2 my school anymore but when he did I thought he was really cute but I was to afraid to tlk 2 him. So finally one day I sent him a message a...

37 views · Love & Relationships


I'll just jump straight to the point..

Few nights ago, I called up my fiance to ask what time is he reaching home.
We both are currently living together in a rental apartment. He told me he will
be home late as there was a held back at work.


6 views · Love & Relationships

Should I be afraid to travel to Malaysia?

Okay I have an Indonesian passport and things been getting a bit heated up with Indonesia and Malaysia.I made plans to go to Kuala Lumpur to visit my malaysian friend.But it's really creeping me out I mean they've been demonstartors here who LOCKED I'm...

21 views · Travel

20th anniversary poem for my parents

Okay so for my parent's 20th anniversary, my brother, my sister and I saved up money to send them to a hotel called the broadmoore for 3 days and two nights on friday, april 11th. We want to tell them soon so they can change the reservations if needed,...

64 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How to get my dad to calm down?

I was on a Skype call (NOT video call) with a friend I met online 2 years ago. My dad walked in and heard my friend talking and demanded to know who I was talking to. I told him my friend's name and my friend said hi. Then my dad asked if my friend liv...

160 views · Parents & Family

Survival Horror

I recently played ''Left 4 Dead'' with some of my friends.

I did like certain aspects of it...

(1) The designers did a good job of creating tension with the environments
(2) The 'regular' zombie designs were well made and varied enough.
(3) Co-...

28 views · Gaming & Games

is it for sure??

K, so I went over my uncles house to see the fight, the boxing match with cotto and the other dude whoms name I don't know how to pronounce, or spell. So there's this guy and I really like him. His name is luis, and he's really cute, 16, junior we both...

11 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think of that young boy who was been meditating without eating/drinking for like 2 years?

I just watched a documentary on a 15 year old boy who people believe to be a reincarnation of Buddha himself. The boy had been meditating in a trance for like 10 months without eating or drinking anything which according to science is impossible. In th...

37 views · General Knowledge

Who has read about BP's corruption, regarding the oil spill?

In the Doc's office yesterday, I read about how they've cut about a trillion corners regarding safety regulations and spill preventions. They supply the US military with oil, which is something to consider when thinking about their fine: 50 million, wh...

10 views · Environmental Issues

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