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Caught boyfriend wanking over porno chick.. Please help

Ok here is a quick background... My boyfriend and I have the best sex ever.. We both have high sex drives and use toys, video cameras the lot.. Its just fine .. Last night we had a huge fight (we hadnt had sex in a couple of days) he went home and I sa...

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How do I know if a girl likes me?

I know this is corny, but you guys could probably help me.

Theres this girl I've known for a little over a year. 2 months ago, she gave me her phone number, and AIM. She texts me a lot, and I text her a lot. We'd stay up until 11pm texting. We talk a ...

8 views · Love & Relationships

Am I getting ripped off?

My husband and I recently signed a lease to house sit for 2 years. The deal is this: We pay $400 a month, take care of their cat, garden, plants, home, yardwork, shoveling snow, etc. They pay for all the utilities. They don’t want us doing anything to ...

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I had my son when I was 18 and I'm now 24 and he is 6. Me and his dad have been split since just before he turned 2 so he doesn't really know what it's like to have us together. I now have a boyfriend who I have a 6 month old with. He is a very good ki...

24 views · Kids

cops came in to my house without asking

I have 11 people in my basement and my 18 yr playing xbox with his window open the neighbor next door call the cops on my because the music was lound,2am, my son goes to school and works when he gets home he likes playing video,, so his tv was a bit l...

195 views · Politics & Law

How to turn on an integrated webcam for a G56 hp laptop?

It looks like this:

I looked up some pages on it and it said It had a webcam installed.. Recovery Manager and Devices didn't help, On ...

117 views · Computers & Tech

Why are so many people willing to send someone else's kid, husband, or father to get Kony?

if you want to do something about get a plane ticket , get a gun and go wonder through the jungle your self . every one is angry well then go f-ing do it. quite asking for my brother or my friend or my sisters husband to go solve a personal issue you h...

29 views · Politics & Law

What is the best cost effective, but still good educating homeschool curriculum?

Okay, now PLEASE don't inflict your views on me as I won't do that to you, but first I do Christian work, but I'm not a Christian anymore.. it's the A.C.E. curriculum. I don't want to work in it anymore, I don't want to read anymore about the Bible, I...

16 views · Education & School

I keep cheating on my boyfriend

Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a while and we have been friends for years. It started out good but now it doesnt feel the same it feels like we are more friends that boyfriend girlfriend. I love him so much but some things upset me about ...

121 views · Sex

Why are people having sex?

Since I been a member of funadvice and giving my advice to people and listen to people advice it had me think about a lot of things.
1st there are a lot kids raising kids, 2nd there are a lot of kids having safe and 3rd there are a lot of people have ...

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Science Topic?

Okay, so I was supposed to figure out a topic for my science experiment last week, but I'm still working on it, and I don't know what to do, so I'm going to copy down the paper, and can you help? Thanks. :)

_ My question cannot be answered "yes" or ...

31 views · Science

Cell phone issues

Hey everyone!

I just put $45 on my cell phone just the other day...I'm signed with telus pay as you go. Unlimited 45 means I get..
* unlimited early nights and weekends (6pm - 7 am)
*unlimited local incoming calls
*unlimited text, picture and video me...

10 views · Computers & Tech

Survey #1

What do you like better???
Cherry or strawberry
Blue or pink
Curly hair or straight hair
Math or science
Clothes or shoes
Shopping or reading
Twillight or nick and noras infident playlist
Chris brown or jesse mcartney
Ashley tisdale or vanessa hudgenes...

32 views · General Knowledge

What can I do to become a vegetarian?

Ok so, im 19 and I have thought about becoming vegetarian. I recently joined PETA and get all this info about animals being abused and whatnot and it sickens me,seeing the pictures and videos. I dont really eat beef like I used to,I dont eat pork but o...

33 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Miley cyrus good romodel for kids?

Ok do you think miley is a good romodel for kids? Because I think she isnt at all!! I stoped watching her show at least after 6 months because its started to get alittle trashy anyways ill list the things she has a done and see what you think

1. Van...

60 views · Entertainment

should I get this dog?? HELP

so...ok well I really want this dog. Its a saint bernard (I've wanted one since I started reading those Mudge books when I was like 9)

my friend is giving it to me...which saves me like $1,000 in the future, because pure breds are super expensive


17 views · Jobs & Money

Quiz- Just for FUN!

Randomly FUN Quiz:

1. Pancakes or Waffles?
2. Muffins or Cupcakes?
3. Chips or Popcorn?
4. The Simpsons or Family Guy?
5. Dancing or Singing?
6. Ketchup or Mustard?
7. Computer Games or Video Games?
8. Homemade or Bought?
9. Fruits or Vegtables?
10. ...

79 views · General Knowledge

I need to know this song

Ok, so for the last week at work I've been coming in at 4am and opening the gym. So there is this song I really like and I want to find it.

But!!! I dont know the name of the song or artist!!

The artist is a black woman, fairly young very very sh...

17 views · Music

What's with the sudden change?

I have a little crush on one of my guy friends, he's always making me laugh, we play around a lot, he's rude to me at times, he's always finding an excuse to talk to me. On Wednesday, we were all over eachother more than usual, like we were tickling ea...

27 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think of this poem? Honest answers please

Everytime she looks your way,
You'll stammer and you'll choke,
Because this is pure beauty,
From a heart that never broke.

Her eyes are like blue swimming pools,
And you want to swim inside,
And they've held water over years,
Because she's never cried...

28 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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