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Quizzz :)

First , whats your name? :)

Yo, hi, hey, or hello?

What are your favourite lyrics/ "words to live by"?

Hardest thing you've ever had to say?

Creepiest situation you've ever been involved in?

If you could pick ONE person to di...

77 views · General Knowledge

What do you think

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 2 years we are 21 years old. I am legally blind and am not able to drive so I can't just get in the car and go places whenever I want to. My boyfriend is a couch potato all he wants to do is sit around pla...

13 views · Love & Relationships

What to do when my mom hates me

When school is over I hate coming home because my yells at me for almost everything I do.

When I play with my sister and make her mad a little my says I do it because I hate her and im just playing with her

When I get mad and leave the house my m...

43 views · Parents & Family

How to give a maltese dog a haircut?

like a puppy cut

( I have a few questions

I know this is going to sound stupid but I'm so confused! :S

1. Can clippers cut a dogs skin? I was watching a video online from a professional groomer on how to groom dogs she said the clipper...

64 views · Pets & Animals

Im currently lost with my body

Im 24, ever since I was in school I've been overweight, not tremendously but I definitely was skinny or average. Im 5'10 and my highest weight was 210 in school. Since I graduated, I was determinted to lose weight, I got some exercise equipment, and ex...

11 views · Nutrition & Fitness

need help to save my dads 1982 Rolis Royce

My father died on his birthday Dec. 20 2006 and left me his 1982 Silver cloud convertible Rolis Royce. We had it stored in one of my dads buildings and it was stolen. Living in Texas I thought it had probably been taken to mexico because nothing ever s...

15 views · General Knowledge

not sure if I love my litttle brother

my younger brother takes annoying to a whole new level. he constantly insults me, calling me fat. I try not to take these stupid insults serisouly, but sometimes they really hurt. he does everything in his power to make my life miserable. he'll barge ...

44 views · Parents & Family

I don't know if I am pregnant, I need advise.

Hi, my name is Sarah,

I have been taking a birth-control shot (Depo-Provera), it was administered by injection every 90 days.

It isn't allowed to be administered again before 88 days. My last shot was on July 1, 2008.

and the last day of my last p...

34 views · Sex

What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?

I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to f...

9 views · Home & Garden

Is the world better today or 50 years ago?

I'm sure most of you are well under 50 (like I am), but you can still have opinions on the subject...

I have to write an argumentative essay on whether the world is better today or 50 years ago. Its a very broad question. I can go either way with it...

85 views · Education & School

What kind of boyfriend advice should I give my friend?

Hi, I was just wondering if someone can help me out a little as to what kind of advice I can give to a friend of mine about her boyfriend.

Scenario: She decided to take a break from their relationship (starting today) because of things happening wit...

71 views · Love & Relationships

Why would anyone act this way?

I've been listening to the peoples around me at school, and everyone just seems to love the f*ck out of guitar hero, when it really isn't that great. It's the most boring game I have ever played, IMO(in my opinion). I mean, I play the guitar, and some ...

11 views · Gaming & Games

Would you rather?

find you parents having sex or have your parents find you having sex?

be eaten by ants or be eaten by lions?

have sex with a person of the same sex? Or have sex with 10 aniamls?

call your mom beacuse you got arrested for being a prostute or cal...

171 views · Sex

How to persuade my dad?

Well... you see I have a three year old, male bunny rabbit at the moment, he is healthy, I am very responsible, I clean him out, play with him, always make sure he is cared for, and he is happy... BUT... I really feel like he is missing out...]


68 views · Pets & Animals

What's going on with my heart?

There have been some really weird things happening to me.The oldest problem I have is that sometimes,my heart will speed up for a few beats and it will hurt.This only takes a few seconds,but sometimes they really hurt.I've been keeping track of them.Ab...

23 views · Health

I've never had a girlfriend, and I don't know why?

Ok, well I'm 17, and at the end of my Junior year in High School, and never had a girlfriend. Here are the stereotypes I've been hearing.

"You must be really ugly" No, umm...I'm 6'1, tan all year around, dark hair, big, not going to lie, some fat...

197 views · Love & Relationships

I wanna cry right now..sry its long, please read =/

I was on my way tomy brotheres girlfriends party (which was so fun bc there just amazingly awesome people.) but im on my way, and I guess my dad musta drank before he got there, so we almost go into 2 accidents, and then after we leave, its clearly a r...

44 views · Parents & Family NSFW

What should I do about my nieghbor?

Okay heres the deal. I watch my neighbors kids on mondays and wednesdays, for FREE to help her out while shes going to school. Which makes my father in law have to drive 20 miles to pick my son up from school. In return she is supposed to mow my lawn, ...

41 views · Kids

Life Help

Hey and I'm back and need some help again sadly... First off past few months I've been realising that my life isn't going anywhere really. I have been in home school for a good amount of time now and ever what made me go into home school was my addicti...

30 views · Parents & Family

What do I do ? I love him but im so confused?

Well first of all let me just say that this is complicated.and I would like too apologize for my spelling errors ahead of time. But this is very important to me and I need some advice. I met this guy a year and a half ago online. We talked online for a...

27 views · Love & Relationships

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