Why does my knee turn purple/blue?

When my left knee gets cold, for some reason it turns purple/blue. It has done it all my life, and it even happens in the summer too. But in the winter it will get so cold I start to limp. And another weird thing about the same left knee is that there is less hair on it than my right knee. So what do you think could be the problem if anyone has ideas? Jw.

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I believe that is normal. Especially if you have fair skin.If you are really concerned though then go see a doctor.

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um it doesn't really sound like a big problem but I could be wrong. maybe thats the way your knees are you never know but if you really are worried about it then when you go infor a check up ask the doc about it

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they say in the cold it could be frost bite. and in the summer it could be an alergic reaction to the heat from the sun.

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