Club dancing

I absolutely love dancing but I was wanting to know was...
Is that a good way to lose weight?
I heard it was... I was just wanting to know fer a factt..

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The problem that you would run into is after hours at the club you get hungry and eat whatever is available... usually a high calorie kind of food. Dancing itself burns a bunch of calories, in this case you'd be doomed more by the food choices you have when you are hungry and at the club. Keep that in mind.

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thought soo...
I do all of those things... except the steam room... I dont like sitting in a room with a lot of fat guyzz... x_x

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I think you lose 3.5 cals from laughing =]

and it sounds like im one of those people that will do almost ANYTHING to lose weight, but im not... lol, just wanted to clear that up

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yeah it is .

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