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ZJ Heavy Duty Stun Gun Gloves

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Price: $58.99

Do you work late and have to walk to your parked car or to public transportation alone? Do you want something to protect yourself but you're not sure about something lethal? If you're looking for something to give you that advantage over an attacker, consier the ZJ Heavy Duty Stun Gun Gloves. These lightweight, compact gloves use a low voltage current to contract the muscles in your attackers hand, giving you the opportunity to make your getaway and contact authorities. ZJ Heavy Duty Stun Gun Gloves are safe for the wearer, easy and quick to operate, and suitable for use in close contact, narrow environments. Simply grab the hand or wrist of the attacker and their hand immediately seizes up and causes them to lose the ability to attack. With just one AAA battery you are on your way to feeling much more confident in otherwise less-than-ideal situations.