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My gift shop

I'm in the process of completing the project for my gift shop. I am not sure how to design the structure of the marketing department. It should me the marketing department only and not the entire business.
That is: Who are the persons who will work in the marketing department. I figure the marketing manager would be on top of the chart but I don't know about the rest. Please help me. THANKS!

1 Answer

Where do i find a store in brisbane aus that sells stars of david?

I am currently looking for a replacement Star of David, just a pendant. I am not sure where my first one came from as it was a gift from a friend who I have since lost touch with. I looked in Prouds today and they suggested I try Christian shops as they usually stock symbols of other faiths as well. I have been looking online but have so far not had much luck. Please help.

1 Answer

What do guys like for chrismas

ok I have no idea what to get my boyfriend for!!

4 Answers

Wedding gifts

My brother is getting married and I dont know what to give him for a wedding gift. I am 16 and dont make very much money at all. So what should I give him for a gift. Oh and do you give gifts for engagement partys? If so like what

2 Answers

How can you buy stuff on interent without credit card?

I wonder if you can buy items on the internet with a gift card instead of a credit card 'cause I have no credit card. Are there other ways to buy stuff on the internet without using credit cards?(please answer the q)

4 Answers

Home made birthday gift

I asked him what he wanted for his 18th birthday, and he said something homemade...what do I make?
I have only seen him twice since we started dating 3 weeks ago...cause I have been working all the time, it sucks. I don't know what to make him! Can someone lend me some advice?

4 Answers

Where could i get sexy roleplay outfits?

Besides Spencer's Gift Shop, where could I get roleplay outfits? And I do not want to go in a porn shop. sexy outfits when you know your about to have sex. and what outfits do you guys find sexy? I am a girl.

3 Answers

Things to do while waiting in an airport

I'm wondering about things to do while waiting in an airport, my flight leaves soon, but these things are so boring I'm stuck to my computer. I can surf the net, but I can do that at home to. I browsed the shops looking for a gift for my wife at the duty free places, but couldn't find the cell phone she asked me about.

Any other ideas for what to do to pass the time during a layover in an airport? Thanks.

1 Answer

Where can i find and buy a celibacy/purity ring?

I have only had sex once my whole life at the age of 21 with my best friend. I do not regret it at all!! I love him too much. However, I do feel like it is best for me to tell him that I do not want to be friends with benefits anymore. I want to share my body with someone I truly love (never been in love before) know...someone I can see myself with for the rest of my life!! :)

2 Answers

Where can i find some good fake piercings for a good price?

ive been thinking about getting a few piercings and decided i wanted to get some fake ones and were them for a while to make sure i really like the idea i want to find some good cheap ones that will last and wont just randomly fall out does anyone know where i can go to find some?

4 Answers

Does anyone like shopping at dollar stores?

Just wondering, does anyone like shopping at Dollar Stores?
If no, what's the reason? If, Yes, then how do you feel?

7 Answers

Where can i buy pokemon sliders?

Where can I buy pokemon sliders and figures,
Shops? What shops? not online,

2 Answers

What simple craft things i can do at home to make it beautiful?

I want to do some art and crafts in free time to make my hoise look good,or to make things which are useful in many ways.simple crafts which look beautiful or can be used as gifts also.

4 Answers

What's a good christmas gift for my boyfriend?

i'm very clueless ):

6 Answers

What should i give my friend for his birthay???

HIs birthay in a week and I dont know what to give him?"?? and he dont care what I give him but I wanna make him a good gift since I owe him since I always forget his birthay lol!!! since I met himmm

8 Answers

Christmas pressie ideas

Got a problem!!!
My mum asked for my christamas list today, yh kinda earlier I know!!! and I have no idea wot I want from them, normally I get something kinda big! anyonw got any ideas bout wot I could ask for for christmas that wouldnt just be a waste!!!

3 Answers

What are good canadian online shops for shoes?

1 Answer

What can i get my best gals for christmas?

I went Christmas present shoppin yesterday to get somethang for ma best gals, but I have no idea wit tae get'm. I went in at least 7-8 shops and came oot with nothing at all. please help me find something for them.
please don't anyone say chocolates because that's wit I got'm last year.

4 Answers

What should i get my mom for her birthday?

I want to get my mom a really great present for her birthday but I don't know what she would like. She does NOT want chocolate and last year we got her a foot bath. (she's turning 40-something) Any gift suggestions? or any day-out ideas?

28 Answers

Christmas lists..yes, already. :)

Well, I like to start my Christmas lists early.. :)

I'm thirteen and very girly. We're average/high in income.

I need some ideas on what to ask for though! Thanks!

2 Answers

Are there cheap screen printing companies based in atlanta?

Hey, I have been researching gift shops because I want to start one. I particularly want to have a line of t-shirts. I know everyone's doing it, but I have an idea that sets me apart. Anyhow, I am looking for a screen printing company that's based in Atlanta or one that does great work for cheap. Any leads? Please help. Any other ideas related to the subject would be cool as well. Thanks

4 Answers

No sudsing shampoo?

Does anyone know a shampoo that doesn't form suds? I heard about this on TV, that it is good for curly hair because it doesn't contain any moisture stripping sulfates but I haven't come across any while shopping!

4 Answers

What's a good gift from the uk?

I have a penpal in England and i was wondering what are some neat things i could ask for Christmas? Something i couldnt get or would be hard to get here in America, Any ideas?
I was thinking about a video game but i think id need to mod my system..

Be Creative Please!

4 Answers

What should i get for a my 17 year old daughter for christmas?

She is a girly girl, and doesn't want gift cards of any college stuff...already has a nice car...HELP! Under 100$ please.

5 Answers

Victorian bassinet shops?

Where can I find affordable victorian bassinet shops?

1 Answer

What dress shops are there in burbank?

1 Answer

Can i use a gift card?

Can I use a gift card?

2 Answers

Nosey one

Where is my surprise gift and how do I claim it ?!

3 Answers

Where can i buy legwarmers from?

I live in the uk-england-banbury
what shops can I buy leg warmers from?. urgent x

3 Answers

What is good gift for 15 year old boy

what is good gift for 15 year old boy

1 Answer

Gift 4 xmas

what would be the best christmas gift for girls?

1 Answer

What does it mean when someone says the gift that keeps on giving w

what does it mean when someone says the gift that keeps on giving what do they mean by that?

2 Answers

Collective term for..

What's the collective term for wrapping paper/gift tags/gift boxes?

3 Answers

Credti card gift

I got this american express card gift bt it got stolen if the person uses it can it be track down? its not a credit card its a gift card

1 Answer

Which shops sell casual and affordable blazers?

I was modelling some blazers a few days ago and I really liked the way the way they looked; they really suit my body type and there's something quite jazzy about them. Which shops could I get them from?

2 Answers

Where can i get glow in the dark nail varnish in shops?

Where can I get glow in the dark nail varnish in shops not off internet?? Because the mail people are on strike I cannot get it delivered in time so can anyone tell me what shops I can get it from??

5 Answers

Does anyone know where i can get a juggalo hoodie?

besides hot topic, and online website?

4 Answers

Where can i buy pokemon stuff?

Enything to do with pokemon?
Eny shops in town?
Eny special websites?
Preferably cheap?

Thanks x

2 Answers

Are shops open on a bank holiday?

1 Answer

Beauty shops

What salons are hiring to shampoo and sweep up hair in St.Louis, Mo?

1 Answer

Dublin shops

Ok so im going 2 dublin I've been der loads of times bt I always just go 2 steven greens shopping centre but people are telling me nt 2 go der dis tym because der are no good shops der does anyone no good shops 2 go ? Are which street ?
Thanks people :)

2 Answers

Cheating book

Where can I get the book "the truth about cheating" that is free

1 Answer

Where can i buy the simpsons movie?

any shops do you know?

2 Answers

What is the best historical town in england?

I really like lincoln and york but has to have some good shops aswell

1 Answer

What do you think about receiving money for christmas?

Many people nowadays get money for their birthdays, if you can't think of what to get someone. Would the same thing apply to Christmas? Or, if not money, things like money, like giftcards?
I don't agree with getting money for Christmas, personally, but it would be interesting to see if other people share my views.

10 Answers

Recommendation for elmo gift.

Recommendation for Elmo gift. There are tons of Elmo gifts for kids these days. How does one pick?

1 Answer

How to get past mystery gift without a wonder spot in pokemon

How to get past mystery gift without a wonder spot in pokemon?

1 Answer

Does anyone know a site where you can get good coupons and win gift cards?

3 Answers

Birthday brotha

what can I give my brother for his birhtday

1 Answer

Best valentine's day gift you received?

Okay people what was your best Valentine's day gift ever?

1 Answer