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Deal disrepectful 11 year girl

Healthy weight for 15 year old GIRL?

what is the healthy weight for a 15 year old with the following height:

567 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Stores for an 11 year old tween?!

What are some very uniqe stores for tweens?
Not too girly! (like limited 2)

52 views · Shopping NSFW

What to give a 14 year old girl for christmas?

HElp? I reely don't know what to get her...HELP!

58 views · Shopping NSFW

Can anybody tell me what is a normal weight for a 13 year old girl?

I just feel that I am fat!!!

147 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

How many hours should a 13 year old girl sleep every night?

just wondering

69 views · Health NSFW

Can an 11 year old get pregnant ?

Can an 11 year old get pregnant ?

I ask this because my friend say that its true but I dont think so

286 views · Health NSFW

what to do I am a 27 years old girl in love 43yrs please advice me?

what to do I am a 27 years old singal girl in love 43yrs old married man.

23 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What kind of can I presentgifts for 2 years girl for birthday?

I want to present a gift for a girl baby on behalf of her birthday. So,can you suggest me what kind of gifts I can present .

36 views · Kids

where can a 14 year old girl work?

where can a 14 year old work in buffalo new york? . Is it possible? and can you apply online?

107 views · Jobs & Money

How tall is the average 14 year old girl supposed to be?

I'm 14 and 7 months old, how tall is the average girl my age supposed to be?

653 views · Health NSFW

How to sign up to be a contestant on Deal or No Deal?

how do I sign up to be a contestant on deal or no deal

230 views · Entertainment

whats a good present for a 8 year old girl?

she a bit of a tomboy and loves music

50 views · Shopping NSFW

What is the avarage height for a 15 years old girl?

I'm 5'1 ft is that good!!!

86 views · General Knowledge NSFW

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