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What do u do when ur bf is not that great of a kisser?

73 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

How much should I sell my 32GB iPod touch for?

41 views · Computers & Tech

Who touches a hair of gray head whittier?

58 views · Beauty & Style

Jailbreak My iPod Touch?

What exactly are the benefits of Jailbreaking?

43 views · Computers & Tech

Which is better - iPod Touch 4G or 5G and why?

21 views · Computers & Tech

Has anime ever touched you deeply?

Has any anime ever touched you very deeply? Why? Which one? What made it touch you so deeply?

66 views · Entertainment

iPod touch internet name

I have an ipod touch where do you find the name of your interent in your ipod touch??

20 views · Computers & Tech

Does anyone have the htc touch?

Does any one have the htc touch? I need adivcee(:

11 views · Computers & Tech

iPod touch features?

What are all of the features of an iPod touch? Can you download and watch videos/movies on it?

33 views · Computers & Tech NSFW

Songs from iPod Touch to iTunes?

Is there a way to put my songs from my touch to my iTunes and if so how

8 views · Music

Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people

Should I buy a psp or I pod touch help people

12 views · Computers & Tech

PSP touch screen?

is there really a psp touch screen if so can you upgrade it or do you have to buy it

16 views · Computers & Tech

Should I get an ipod touch?

Should I get an ipod touch? If so 32gid or 64 gig? If not why not?

55 views · Computers & Tech

What are your favourite FREE iPod touch games?

And can you describe them a little? :)

27 views · Gaming & Games

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