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Happen baby swallow seman

Why do babies have big heads?

116 views · Kids

How do you sterlize baby bottles?

10 views · Kids NSFW

How can I see my beanie babies?

44 views · Kids NSFW

What themes for baby shower?

11 views · Kids

rocks baby

is it cool

23 views · Kids

Why can't young babies sit up?

26 views · Kids NSFW

What happens when you swallow bubble gum?

its for a science project due in 3 days. we don't have enough information.

72 views · Food & Dining

Who sang beach baby beach baby?

127 views · Music NSFW

Ah,What'll Happen If You Swallow a Battery??

Agh, random thought.
What'll happen if you swollow a battery??
..Or would nothing happen??
Idunno, random thought.

69 views · General Knowledge

What would happen if you were pregnant and your baby threw up inside of you?

Where would it go? I know it's sooo random but I just thought about XD

33 views · Health

Where do babies come from?

Where do babies come from??

19 views · Parents & Family

The Sex Of The Baby?

When do you find out the sex of a baby?

16 views · Sex NSFW

Can you swallow

Can you swallow Ejaculate ?

526 views · Health NSFW

What is a jelly baby

What is a jelly baby

49 views · Food & Dining

How are babies made

Are babies made

57 views · Health NSFW

What happens if you have sex and you on are your period

What happens when you have sex and you on are your period.

223 views · Sex

what happens during a volcano?

what happens during a volcano?

86 views · Environmental Issues

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