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How can I fix this depression?

I've been depressed for a long time, and it's a huge story to tell why, but I can tell you why I am depressed now. I am alone, I'm fat, no real friends, like when I work in a differnt town that they live in, no one will let me stay night, or they mak...

31 views · Health

Do stupid people make you mad too?

Now, before I get started, this is not targeted to anyone on this site or anyone that needs advice for life decisions.

People call me stupid because I do not do well in school. I get mad at this because the people that call me stupid cant do anyth...

99 views · General Knowledge

I need a way to get over my ex boyfriend... help please?

My boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago... We have been best friends for 2 years, and went out for 10 months...
Until his mom told him he couldn't see or talk to me anymore, and so that was it... he ended it. Honestly I think it is pathetic th...

45 views · Love & Relationships

How can I fix my marriage?

I dont know waht to do. me and my husband had always had a perfect relationship in the beginning and when I was pregnant. now that we have had our first child we just cant get along. we argue all the time. over nothing. and when we do fight it blows up...

33 views · Love & Relationships

How do I get my ex-boyfriend back?

This isn't just a typical break-up situation well me and my boyfriend had only went out for about 2 weeks, but instantly we relised how good we were for eachother...we could talk, laugh, party, be honest, play video games and watch movies all night lon...

12 views · Sex

how do you tell your boyfriend to change or you're leaving him?

ok.. I'm 28 (not in high school lol).. been dating a guy for almost 3 years.. I'm not happy.. he's an alcoholic in denial, he's been laid off work since October and hasn't bothered to even look for a job and from what I'm told by his room mate he does ...

196 views · Love & Relationships

Why does my boyfriend get so offencive with this?

Okay so me and my boyfriend sometimes get into little arguements he's like my bestfriend litterly other than that we do everything together we take showers together ha we play video games we both wear a promise ring and were always together he basicall...

18 views · Love & Relationships

Why am I still jumpy and nervous after my shroom trip?

I took an eighth of shrooms the other night by myself but I was with a few friends and they knew. I've taken shrooms at least a dozen times so this isnt my first time. Everthing was going fine and I had complete control. I was able to turn my trips on...

103 views · Health

How do you feel about this poem?

It's called "Why A Scientist Makes a Better Lover Than A Poet."

Don't go at my love willy-nilly
That isn't the way
Have a plan
To breach the beaches of my orgasm
There must be a full on attack
Technology more advanced than a pen is required


29 views · Art, Writing & Literature

I'm 16 and want to loose weight but need help...?

I know I can loose weight because I’ve lost a stone in just over a month before, but because with everything that goes on in my life at home at the moment and the stress at school, I’ve been on abit of an emotional rollercoaster and haven’t been in the...

52 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I think something happened to my closest friend whoes like grandma?

Well, if you all could give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Well, I've been trying to get ahold of my closest friend whoes like grandma since Sunday. She has a cell phone like myself and when I try calling her number, I either get a busy signal which...

88 views · Parents & Family

Why is he acting this way if he has a girlfriend??

One of my closest guy friends has been acting a little differently and im not sure how I feel about him. All of a sudden I find myself wanting to talk to him whether it be online or in class all the time and I smile whenever I see him walk in the door ...

39 views · Love & Relationships

Caring for a tattoo

I just got a tattoo on April 17/09. It's located on the back of my leg right below my knee. My tattoo artist covered it with plastic wrap and I left it on there for roughly four hours because I wasn't in a location where I could clean it. When I got ho...

39 views · Health

Why hasn't there been another 9/11 attack?

Every time I pick up the paper (yes, I still read things written by moveable, printed type) I read some story about how vulnerable this country is to another terrorist attack. It seems like any terrorist group with some money, expertise, and desire co...

64 views · Politics & Law

He has physically slapt me verbally abused me

I have been with my on again off again boyfriend for the last 3 years he has physically slapt me verbally abused me calling me b***h whore slut cunt moron the list goes on also he constantly blames me for everything even when hes wrong. I also feel he ...

9 views · Sex NSFW

Why does he act this way with me? Does he like me?

One of my closest guy friends has been acting differently around me and I think im starting to have feelings for him. He has a girlfriend, but the way he acts around me makes me wonder whether or not he has a girlfriend just to have one, or if loves he...

67 views · Love & Relationships

Do you think it's a disgrace for older women to be attracted to little boys?

"I'm a 21 year old female and I think the world is coming to an end. I've been to elementary, middle, high school, and I've been in situations where young white, black, hispanic, and asian boys flirt with older women and smack their butts in front of m...

51 views · Sex

Why won't he ask me out!!!?

Okay. This guy I've liked since last year is one of my friends. not really my CLOSE friends, but we can always rely on eachother kind of friend. there isn't very many sweet, patient, honest and caring guys at my school, and he marks the spot! So at the...

25 views · Love & Relationships

Should I play wrestle with my son?

Hi i’m a mother of one and 33.

I’m in a really difficult situation which started a couple of days ago. It arose after play wrestling with my 10 year old son, who’s a big wrestling fan. Having recently moved house and school he spends much of his free ...

1096 views · Sex

Read this and tell me if its okay as an article

When our world produces enough food to feed everyone, how can it be possible that every five seconds a child dies from hunger? “Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply,” states Food First, the Institute for Food and Development ...

24 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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