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Up to 2001 I was the top athlete in my 9'th grade. I was an annual Honor Roll student all my life. 10-13-01 that year was in marching band. My bus crashed 66 feet off a bridge under alterations in Omaha,NE that afternoon. I was the worst injured survivor. Being injured with a broken left arm, right pinky and the most severe style of traumatic brain injury, (Diffuse Axonal-brain injury-twisted within my skull tearing Many axons)I required 4&1/2 months inpatient care. Another 8&1/2 outpatient years of mental & physical rehabilitation for my 6'2" frame of a body that had to relearn all muscle control amidst continual left half muscle constrictions. My left half muscles are always constricting, forcing me to primarily use a wheelchair for safety. I've become an avid reader and successful photographer-mainly of nature, post my injury, which I never really enjoyed doing beforehand. I'm amidst the Game Of Thrones series! On 3’rd novel of The Wheel Of Time Series.

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