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Need help, im worried!!! For both of us.

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Me and my girlfiend started to experiment with eachothers bodies around 9 days ago.

We were in a field both naked and I was fingering her. When I get really excited I seem to discharge a clear fluid. I've been to the dosh clinic aruond 2 months ago. The doctor said I've got nuffin to worry about and they didnt get back to me which they said would be a good thing. And so anyway, when I was fingering her I ejaculated this fluid and we swipd it with my boxers but I fear that I might have got some on my fingers which I re-enserted into my girlfriends vagina. She's been on holiday for 5 days now and 2 days ago were talking on the phone and she said that her fanny feels funny, I asked her wht she meant and she said 'a little sore and itchy'. So now im worried that she either pregnant or got an infection (as I might have something and plus we were in a field and I did infact have to pull out an ant from her vagina) or its just from where her vagina misses or has reacted to the fingering as I was a little rough, she liked it but she did become dry at points and so some friction was induced. She also told me that she was feeling blowted, but thts always been a sign of her close to starting her period which she should in 2/3 days.

Thanks for reading and I will appreshiate any advise!