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I want my boyfriend to suck my boobs

I and my boyfriend share a very happy and a satisfied sex life.but there is this prob.,I always want him to give more time to my boobs...I love him sucking them hard...the pain makes me feel on the top of the world.but is this normal that instead of all the other things like fingering and all this turns me on faster.there is this other...

Asked almost 6 years ago by Divya4_86

uv already realised that suckin don't make em bigger.. lads dont als want big boobs.dey are sumtimes happy enough with any size.. my ex als sucked my boobs and whn I got with my new fella he did notin with my boobs.. now mine arent extra big..I mite evn say dere small:P but I got sik of trying to move his hand down 2wards dem. that I asked him to.. he did and he said that he never thought I wanted him to go near my boobs... so just be forward about it.. lads cant read your mind and dey want to no how to make you feel good durin sex..

Girls like guys to suck on their nipples? Hmm, I'll have to remember that... Yeah as people are saying, tell him, I'm a guy and like to know how to please my girl friends. Tell him, I'm sure he'll be MORE than happy to oblige.

And no, sucking and playing with your boobs unfortunately won't help make them grow. And I think the person who said breast implants could damage the sensitivity is probably right. But as they say, size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that counts! xD

oh wow, I feel the same way. I get really turned on when my boyfriend sucks on my boobs, like, reeeally sucking. and um, you know when you go to pray? like, the way you have your hands, press your hands together for fifteen seconds, and let go. and do it over and over. this is what my aunt had told me (: im fifteen and I am a 34 b =/ and, when he sucks on your boobs, it doesnt make them bigger hun, trust me.

omgosh. you are lost. but first things first no, him sucking on your boobs will not help your boobs get bigger! &and that is a little freaking that you rather have your boyfriend suck on your boobs thn get fingered?! but just let him know that you enjoy it whn he sucks on your boobs &and see wht he says. and well maybe he just doesnt like small boobs. I dont knww. just tlk to him and not us. kayy. (:

I LOVE my boobs being sucked on, I also like the pain it gives me a naughty lift ;) but if my boyfriend isnt sucking on my boobs and has his hands on my boobs quite a lot, its quite annoying, but if I grab his hands and show him were to go, it LOVES it. I have quite big boobs to start with thought so I dont have the same problem :) im 14 + im 36E xxx

I love it when my boyfriend sucks my boobs too. And no, actually for me when my beau sucks my boobs hard that turns me on a lot. Some women like the pain. Masochism can be a huge fetish for people. I know I love the pain, the rougher he is the better I'll perform. as for geting bigger boobs from it... I'm not sure but mine are pretty big to begin with.

sucking them will not help them grow, nor will fondling. pregnany will enhance the size but you should wait for a while on that matter. your boyfriend believe less than a mouthfull is a waste of time I know cause I feel the same way, we preffer something more filling with large nipples, give it time maybe you'll fill out more in a few more years

hey thaty awesome same thing to my boyfriend I want my boyfirend keep going on my boob sucking and also I really want my boyfirned lick under my leggg (v) you know he say wait til getting married he can eat my (v) only by now most play tickly on my boob that big awesome!!! hi this is diamond I am deaf lady!

well I am a 36 D and I am 15. I love when my boyfriend sucks them, what I do to make him give me more is I just use one hand to hold his head down on them and I use my other hand torub his penis and he dies for it, he has left hickeys and everything on my boobs he has done it for 2 hours straightt :)

I love it when my husband sucks and licks my boobs. I like him to put some massage oil on them and spend a lot of time playing with them too. But when he sucks them it feels so wonderful. Sometimes, he takes just my nipple between his teeth and bites a little, then rubs it . It's such a turn on.

im a boy and a boy never realy needs loosening up getting to now them, a boy like I is usualy willing to do anything sexual, and as long as he likes you and in this case yes caz your going out with eachother then im sure if you ask him it would be defiate YES. I know I would.

you shouldn't even have to make him suck them. unless he's gay. I mean I love sucking my gfs boobs. as for the bigger thing, I don't know. but they don't need to be bigger. my gfs aren't that small, but they aren't that big either. and I love them with all my dick

Do what I do grab the back of his head and hold it against the nipple, and tell him how good if feels and that it turns you on faster than anything else.

My mom told me that some girls can have an orgasm from nipple play, but I have to see that.

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