Nov 24

Celebrity's get ripped on twitter, their responses to the haters are epic.

Have you ever been attacked on social media? These days, I'm sure a growing majority of us have. You have a choice on how you respond of course. Our advice is to have fun with it, and move on. Watch the video above and get some tips on how to respond from some of your favourite celebrities. 

Nov 23

Only one man on earth could survive after getting hit in the face this many t...


Nov 19

This girl is well on her way to winning an IPHONE Twerking, but then this hap...

I want a new IPHONE 6 bad. Apparently this Russian girl does too. So she enters a twerking contest. Of coarse the best twerk wins, I have to say she was killing it. But then, the unexpected happens the twerk goes downhill big time, some may say the dance got shitty real fast. Here's some fun advice don't eat burritos before you...

Nov 19

I don't think I could get my granny to do this. You ?

These ladies sure had a great time. They even may have convinced some people that the legalization of pot is justified. I mean in 40 mins they seem to have had a great time. Couple laughs, a little Jenga. Why not as Cypress Hill said take a " Hit from the bong once in a while " Pot doesn't discriminate based...

Oct 24

What GamerGate Means and How it's Affecting the Gaming Community.

What is #GamerGate and why did it become so popular? Miguel explores this topic with you and gives you a clear cut understanding as well as links to more information for your convenience.

Sep 12

What people really think of the IWatch sorry Apple watch

Much is being made about Apples new watch project. Honestly for me I don't think I am buying into something my iPhone already does better. However, apple will probably sell millions of these things in pre launch alone. Check out above what others are and maybe saying DFTBA Ryan

Sep 06

N.O.-Xplode Review - Preworkout Supplement

Want to know my thoughts and results while using the preworkout supplement N.O. Xplode? Check out the review I wrote and hear what I have to say about it. Spoiler alert: get a preworkout supplement coupon inside!

Aug 19

NutriWhey Nutriforce Sports Protein Review & Coupon

I've recently started getting into Crossfit on a serious note and I can honestly say that I've now tried the best protein powder on the market...NutriWHEY!

Aug 19

Jack3d Review & Coupon Code

After using Jack3d for years we are ready to give a full in-depth review on how the product works and why you should try it. Jack3d is one of the hottest pre-workout supplements on the market. It's amazing and will take you to new levels. Read the official Jack3d review today!

Aug 16

Green Smoke Review & Coupon Code

Green Smoke is one of the more popular electronic cigarette brands on the market today. We've used the products and spent extensive time researching it in order to provide you with a great review. We're big fans of many ecig products and we love sharing our own personal reviews. Keep reading for more information on all the Green Smoke products.

Aug 11

One of the Funniest clips in history. Rip Robin Williams - The World will mis...

R.I.P Robin Williams. Gone at 63 Robin Williams will not be forgotten. He leaves some amazing films behind. Tops on my list Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting and Mrs Doubtfire Good MoRRRRRRning V-i-e-t-n-a-m will be shouted from the roof tops in Hollywood tonight. 

Aug 05

If you get caught cheating, this video will tell you what to do

So you got cheating ? Or you may get caught cheating in the future. Well sometimes when you flirt with fire you end up getting burned. But, don't worry we have you looked after. Check out the instructional video above on what to do if you get caught cheating. 

Jul 24

What's in Dwayne the Rock Johnson's Fanny pack?

I don't pay much attention to Thursday throw back but, this one they say broke the internet. Has to be one of the funniest interviews of the here. ( Check above ) You have to love Dwayne the Rock Johnson. The guy was broke after being cut by the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football league. Now the guys is a very...

Jul 22

The know before you go guide to nude beach etiquette

Ever wonder what all the fuss about nude beaches is? Have you decided you want to test the waters yourself?Not so fast, you may want to get the low down on Nude beach etiquette first. Check out the video above before you decide to bare all. PS Don't forget to be awesome 

Jul 22

Can you live on pizza alone ?

For all you pizza lovers out there, Have you ever asked yourself this question. Can I live on just pizza? Well your prayers have been answered, your damn right you can. Introducing  Dan Janessen, a 38-year-old woodworker from Maryland, Dan eats an entire 14” pizza every day, and has been doing so for 25 years. Although he is diabetic, he claims that he has...