Dec 02

Why men love happy endings

Us guys often put on a tough exterior, we usually don’t like to show the sensitive side of ourselves, and admit we love a good happy ending. I mean who are we fooling, you know as well as I do, that a quality happy ending to any movie, especially a sports themed one, is the second best happy ending any guy could...

Nov 30

10 things even Indian people don't know about India

Sponsored post by The Travel Valet India has to be one of the most intriguing countries in the world. This post will unveil some things that you may not know about India but should. 1. Namaste, Yoga originated in India over five thousand years ago 2. India has a strict social hierarchy, or caste system, that still remains after being officially outlawed in 1950 3....

Nov 30

6 happy puppies that will put a huge smile on your face.

No matter how long, or how bad your day went, coming home to a Happy Puppy will make your day better. I for one always look back with fond memories of the days when I'd go and see all the happy puppies frolicking around the home of the breeder we bought our Flat-coated retrievers from. Now of coarse puppies are a lot of work, so...

Nov 29

Kate Hudson goes to war with Lululemon

Women Are Flipping for Kate Hudson's New Athletic LineWhy you ask? Well for one, she's Kate Hudson, America's sweatheart and she projects that perfect yoga body. But really what it comes down too, is women are tired or paying big money for Yoga wear.  One thing is certain when it comes to high-quality athletic wear — it's expensive and it doesn't...

Nov 29

Back to the Future 2 prediction comes true.

In 1989 Marty McFlyand Doc Brown traveled in 2015 to change the future. If you have seen the movie Back to the Future 2, certainly you remember the scene in which the legendary “hoverboard" was introduced. Believe it or not, it appears that the predictions in the film will be coming true. The company that is responsible for trying to bring the concept to...

Nov 29

This social experiment will make you look at domestic violence differently

Wow the reactions of people vary drastically based on gender. No surprise how people reacted to women being abused and rightfully so. However, when the shoe is on the other foot, the lack of response, and the actions of some ( YES were calling out the two guys that started recording their own video )  were a bit surprising. An interesting stat: Once every 37 seconds a man...

Nov 29

This super mom makes breakfast's that blow her kids minds

No doubt breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't follow fall into the trap of skipping it. To ensure her kids don't, mom of four Anne Widya makes not only breakfasts nutritious, but incredibly artistic. From carving fruit into animals, to turning eggs and sausages into cartoons. This super mom is a the modern day breakfast Monet.  Check out her dishes below, maybe it will spark...

Nov 28

Coke vs Coke Zero. This science experiment will leave you with a sweet tooth ...

Ever wonder what the sugar content of coke vs coke zero is ? The results of this experiment will surprise you. 

Nov 28

What do you get when you mix- Black friday, lingerie and a store full of women?

Witnessing this would have made Black Friday worth taking part in. Who needs a $150 dollar flat screen from target when you can watch grown women fight over panties. 

Nov 28

How to make any pair of shoes water proof with a candle.

Do you have an old pair of shoes you'd like to make waterproof ? Here is a life hack / survival tip to share with friends. Your friends might think you're crazy but at least you'll have dry feet !!! Till next time stay awesome!! 

Nov 28

Epic suck in the gut fails. I mean it's worth a shot. " Which ways the weight...

Every guy with a couple extra LB's around the mid section has probably used a move similar to this. You just have to hope the girl your trying to impress walks by quick before you go blue. Not sure about how to pull this off in an epic manner ? Consultant with Tommy here.  

Nov 28

At the end of every race she collapses. When you find out why, you'll be trul...

This is simply incredible, Kayla Montgomery is one of America's best long distance runners, but that's not what makes this story is so wonderful. She has been battling with multiple sclerosis (MS) since high school and it doesn't make racing easy. Watch her inspiring story of perseverance - then toss all your excuses of why you don't accomplish your goals out the window. 

Nov 27

How many people does it take to push a jet. Click to find out

Only in Siberia, would passengers need to get out of their plane, to help push it down the tarmac. So heres some fun advice for you, next time you travel to Siberia ( or some parts of Canada mind you ) bring your hats, boots  and gloves 

Nov 27

The Most Awkward Interview Ever. Caution: It may make you feel uncomfortable

As a journalist, this would have to be your worst nightmare. Thankfully for this guy it was a prank. Enjoy

Nov 24

Celebrity's get ripped on twitter, their responses to the haters are epic.

Have you ever been attacked on social media? These days, I'm sure a growing majority of us have. You have a choice on how you respond of course. Our advice is to have fun with it, and move on. Watch the video above and get some tips on how to respond from some of your favourite celebrities.