Jul 21

Sexy chick gets schooled by overweight dude in dance off

Have you ever heard the term dance like no ones watching? Well this guy has, and he just lets it rip in this epic dance off. Funny how some people take themselves so seriously and some don't. This guy is a classic example of live life to the fullest. I bet he had a better chance with this hot chick, than...

Jul 21

The Best Job Ever Found Online. Get your Happy On

Every once in a while you come across a job posting that just rocks. You wonder to yourself who is the lucky SOB you gets to do this for a living. All I can say is bravo Big Viking Games for getting your happy on. 

Jul 16

I'm calling you out. Only click on this if you want a wake up call

#Besomebody. Flat out the best wake up call video I've ever seen. This video is for doers not dreamers. This video calls you out on things you think of doing, but don't act on. Simply this video makes you look in the mirror and take inventory.I'm calling you out, I'm calling myself out #clutch 

Jul 16

The best over the ear headphones you've never heard of

Ok I admit it, I got caught up in the whole our the ear headphone trend. Now I did have a criteria for justifying the purchase. 1. They had to be under 100 dollars 2. They had to be bluetooth 3. They had to have a long battery life4. They had to be comfortable 5. They needed to have a great speaker so I...

Jul 16

Ex Lululemon employee writes tell all blog post

Every once in awhile you read an article that resonates. Its always beneficial to join an organization that promotes personal growth. My advice to anyone reading this post is simple. If you work somewhere that stifles creativity, and wouldn't truly be happy if you left to chase your own personal dreams and aspirations, then it may just be time to start preparing an exit strategy. Click here to...

Jul 16

The Coolest cooler ever. Surprise it has a built in blender. Margarita Mr. Bu...

I don't get excited by many products but, this cooler is crazy slick. Imagine a cooler with a blender,speakers, a power source and LED lighting. Well no need to imagine introducing the Coolest cooler ever.

Jul 16

Charlie Sheen " Shaking hands and kissing babies hammered outside Taco Bell"

Charlie Sheen- This guy is such a beauty. Loved the " Go Reds tattoo and the say hi to Gary reference. Have a fries supreme for us all Mr. Sheen   

Jul 13

This Step Dad Was Brought To Tears When He Got This

See what this step daughter did for her step dad to thank him for everything he's done.

Jul 10

Declutter Everything In Your Life Using This Technique

When asked to declutter your life you likely cringe and think it's a chore. I promise, it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself. I did and it changed my world.

Jul 10

Quote of the Day - July 10, 2014

Today's quote shows that failing is okay. It means your trying and making progress.

Jul 09

Guess Who's Turning Trash Into Cash?

There's one place in the U.S. that's decided to take a stand on all things trashy and turn it into dollar, dollar bills ya'll! We back this 100% because it's time to clean up all the trash on this planet and share the wealth.

Jul 09

College Students Found A Bunch of Cash, Here's What They Did With It

These students found something in their couch. what they did with it was out of this world awesome!

Jul 09

This Will Get You More Organized Than Anyone

Want to be the most organized person in the entire world? Well, you can be. Just do exactly this...

Jul 09

Quote of the Day - July 9, 2014

Today's quote of the day is about traveling paths and finding success. Not the right way, not the wrong way but...

Jul 08

Here's How A Password Can Literally Change Your Life Forever, I Promise.

Want to know one small thing that can change the rest of your life for the better? It works and it's gonna work for you. I promise. Here it is.