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Walsh Group's expert advice extends to corporate benefits packages, pensions, mortgages, savings & investments. Talk to our financial & mortgage advisors now.

About Walsh Group

Who we are

Welcome to Walsh Group, your trusted financial and mortgage advisors in Ireland. With over 20 years of experience, our team of experts is dedicated to providing professional financial advice to a diverse range of clients.

At Walsh Group, we believe in working closely with our clients to create clarity in their financial affairs. Whether you are a business owner, a family, or an individual, our goal is to help you achieve your financial plans and secure your future.

We are not tied or affiliated to any specific providers in the Irish market, allowing us to explore all options and find the best deal for our clients. Our services include corporate benefits packages, pensions, mortgages, savings & investments, and much more.

What we Do

At Walsh Group, we offer a wide range of financial planning services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether you are looking to protect your family or business, plan for retirement, or secure a mortgage, our team is here to help.

Our financial advisors have the expertise and skills to guide you through the process of obtaining a mortgage with terms that suit your needs. We work tirelessly to ensure that the advice you receive is tailored to your specific mortgage requirements, helping you make informed decisions about your financial future.

With Walsh Group, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our team is committed to providing personalized service and expert advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Why you should use us

Choosing Walsh Group as your financial and mortgage advisors means partnering with a team of experienced professionals who have your best interests at heart. Here are a few reasons why you should consider working with us:

  • Expertise: With over two decades of experience in the industry, our advisors have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the complexities of the financial world.
  • Personalized Service: We understand that every client is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your individual needs and tailor our services to meet them.
  • Independence: As an independent firm, we are not tied to any specific providers, allowing us to offer unbiased advice and explore all options to find the best solutions for our clients.
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and secure your future. Our team will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the guidance and support you need every step of the way.

What can you ask?

Visitors can ask us a wide range of questions related to financial planning, mortgages, investments, and more. Here are some examples of what you can ask us:

  • What types of mortgages do you offer?
  • How can I protect my family’s financial future?
  • What investment options are available for me?
  • Can you help me plan for retirement?
  • How do I know if I’m getting the best deal on my mortgage?
  • What are the benefits of working with a financial advisor?
  • How can I improve my savings and investments strategies?

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our team is here to provide you with the guidance and support you need to make informed financial decisions.

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