The Uber Clone script which we have designed is an excellent code which can be tweaked according to your preferences. Avail the taxis in seconds all done in an efficient and organized way which is sure to please your customers and maintains a good rapport between the passenger and the driver.


Who we are

Welcome to Uberdoo, your one-stop solution for all your taxi-booking business needs. We are a team of dedicated professionals who have developed the best Uber clone script with futuristic features to help you launch your own taxi app like Uber. With a focus on user experience and efficiency, we have created a platform that is easy to use for both riders and drivers.

What we Do

At Uberdoo, we provide you with a fully functional Uber clone app that is equipped with all the features you need to run a successful taxi-booking business. Our app allows riders to book rides in advance, schedule trips, track their earnings, and much more. For drivers, we offer an easy registration process, document verification, route navigation, and the ability to accept or reject ride requests based on their availability.

The admin dashboard provides a holistic view of all operations and performance, allowing you to manage drivers, review sign-up requests, set commission rates, track business progress with advanced analytics, create sub-admins for specific roles, and allocate drivers to specific regions for efficient service provision.

Why you should use us

There are several reasons why you should choose Uberdoo for your taxi-booking business needs. Our Uber clone script is packed with features that are designed to enhance user experience, increase efficiency, and ultimately boost your business revenue. By using our platform, you can benefit from advanced features such as social media sign-in, driver feedback, in-app chat/call, favorite location saving, trip history, multiple payment methods, and much more.

With our user-friendly interface and powerful dashboard, you can easily manage your business operations, track performance, and make informed decisions to drive your business forward. Our platform is customizable to suit your specific business requirements and can be tailored to meet the needs of both riders and drivers.

What can you ask?

  • How can I customize the Uber clone app to suit my specific business requirements?
  • What are the different payment methods supported by the app?
  • Can I track the performance of my drivers and assess their earnings?
  • How does the in-app chat/call feature work for connecting riders and drivers?
  • Can I schedule trips in advance and track my trip history through the app?

By choosing Uberdoo as your partner for launching a taxi-booking business, you are guaranteed a reliable and feature-rich platform that will help you succeed in the competitive market. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional support and guidance throughout the process, ensuring that your business thrives and grows with our innovative solution.

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