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Share Lawyers is a disability law firm in Vaughan specializing in helping Canadians win their disability benefits. With over 35 years of experience, they have assisted over 8,000 clients with their disability claims. Contact them for a free consultation with no fees unless you win.

About Share Lawyers

Who we are

At Share Lawyers, we are a team of dedicated disability lawyers in Vaughan with over 35 years of experience in disability law. Our primary goal is to help Canadians who are struggling to receive their disability benefits by providing expert legal representation and guidance. With a track record of helping over 8,000 clients win their cases, we are committed to fighting for the rights of individuals facing disability challenges.

What we Do

Our team at Share Lawyers specializes in handling a wide range of disability cases, including long-term disability, denied disability claims, insurance disputes, and more. We understand the complexities of disability law and work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the benefits they are entitled to. From navigating the claims process to representing clients in court, we provide comprehensive legal support every step of the way.

We offer free consultations to prospective clients to discuss their case and provide them with a clear understanding of their legal options. Additionally, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, which means that our clients only pay legal fees if we win their case. This commitment to client-focused service sets us apart from other firms and allows individuals facing disabilities to access high-quality legal representation without financial barriers.

Why you should use us

Choosing Share Lawyers for your disability case means working with a team of experienced and compassionate legal professionals who are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for your situation. We have a proven track record of success in handling complex disability cases and have earned a reputation for our commitment to client satisfaction.

Our team understands the challenges that individuals face when dealing with disabilities, and we strive to provide personalized support and guidance tailored to each client’s unique needs. We believe in open communication, transparency, and honesty throughout the legal process, ensuring that our clients are informed and empowered to make decisions that align with their best interests.

By choosing Share Lawyers, you can trust that you are in capable hands and that we will work tirelessly to advocate for your rights and secure the benefits you deserve. Our team is dedicated to delivering results and providing exceptional service to our clients, making us a trusted choice for individuals seeking experienced disability lawyers in Vaughan.

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