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If you want to directly talk with your favorite Sai baba, just do one simple step you can get Sai baba answers for your complicated question or unsolved one. Sai prashnavali act as a bridge between your thoughts to Sai baba. You can put any of the numbers from 1 to 720, which is coming on your mind. Sai baba answers your question in way of sentence. If you want to ask any queries which rolled out your mind for long day immediately ask to Sai baba prashnavali. Always believe in miracles – just imagine that you are sitting in front of Sai Baba at peaceful environment alone with clean mindset and believe that baba is smiling at you. You can ask him for solution for all your problems and seek his help to get precise solution and proceed further. Always, SaiBaba give most crisp and clear solution.

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