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Nexus Ingredient is the world’s most innovative clean label functional ingredient company. Our functional ingredients offer the food manufacturers diversifications and the freedom to create innovative products with consumer-friendly labels. Nexus Ingredient’s product offerings include natural humectant, soluble fiber, natural emulsifier/stabilizer, functional fibers and sweeteners guarantee superior functionality over food additives.

About Nexus Ingredient

Who we are

Nexus Ingredient is a leading provider of natural functional ingredients for food manufacturers. Our products include humectants, sugar replacers, soluble fibers, emulsifiers/stabilizers, and binders that cater to a wide range of food products. We are committed to offering clean label, gluten-free, non-GMO, and soy-free ingredients that are both sustainable and superior in performance.

For years, food manufacturers have struggled to find natural alternatives to synthetic additives. With the increasing demand for clean label ingredients and consumer-friendly labels, Nexus Ingredient has emerged as a trusted partner for formulators looking to create innovative products that meet market trends head-on.

What we Do

At Nexus Ingredient, we specialize in providing innovative, multi-functional, and high-performing functional ingredients that help food manufacturers extend the shelf life of their products, improve quality, and enhance overall functionality. Our natural anti-microbial syrups and powders are designed to safely and reliably enhance the quality and shelf life of food products without compromising on safety.

Our range of natural humectants, soluble dietary fibers, functional fibers, and sweeteners offer superior functionality compared to everyday food additives. Whether you are looking to reduce sugar content, improve texture, or enhance flavor, our clean label ingredients can meet your formulation needs.

We provide full support in clean label ingredients and formulating, offering solutions for natural binding, texture improvement, shelf-life extension, flavor enhancement, sugar reduction, aw control, and much more. With Nexus Ingredient, food manufacturers can create products that not only taste better but also have a healthier profile that appeals to today’s conscious consumers.

Why you should use us

There are several reasons why food manufacturers should choose Nexus Ingredient as their go-to supplier for natural functional ingredients:

  1. Clean Label Solutions: Our ingredients are 100% natural, clean label, and free from gluten, GMOs, and soy. This ensures that your products meet the clean label requirements that consumers are increasingly demanding.

  2. Superior Performance: Our functional ingredients are specifically formulated for superior functionality in a variety of food applications. Whether you are looking to improve texture, extend shelf life, or reduce sugar content, our ingredients deliver exceptional results.

  3. Innovation and Research: Nexus Ingredient is committed to research and innovation in the field of natural ingredients. We continuously strive to develop new solutions that help food manufacturers create innovative products that stand out in the market.

  4. Customer Support: Our team of experts is dedicated to providing full support in ingredient selection, formulation development, and technical assistance. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they achieve their desired product outcomes.

  5. Sustainability: We prioritize sustainability in everything we do, from sourcing ingredients to manufacturing processes. By choosing Nexus Ingredient, you can be confident that you are partnering with a company that values environmental responsibility.

What can you ask?

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  • Do you offer customized solutions for reducing sugar content in specific food applications?
  • What sets your emulsifiers/stabilizers apart from other similar products on the market?
  • Can you provide information on the allergen profile of your ingredients?
  • How do you ensure the quality and safety of your natural functional ingredients throughout the supply chain?

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