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Grant Cardone is a public figure and and entrepreneur who has a massive real estate portfolio across the books. From residential apartment complexes, duplexes, to large commercial properties, his diverse portfolio puts him as one of the top real estate moguls in the game today. He is also famously known for his online course called Cardone University, where he teaches his students exactly how to replicate his success online. From making money through real estate and selling his online courses, Cardone is one of the more successful entrepreneurs of his generation. Following his teaching may lead you to success, but it is not guaranteed as he always likes to say. "It's about the work that you are willing to put in" says Cardone. He wants everyone to be prosperous but he knows that it will not be the case for everyone, hence the warning. Nonetheless Grant Cardone and his course are set to help many more like himself achieve success in the real estate field moving forward.

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