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Utforsk kvalitetsløsninger innen bemanning or rekkrutering i Trøndelag siden 2021. Vår ekspertise omfatter bygg/anlegg, renhold og produksjon. Oppdag hvordan vi kan hjelpe deg med å finne de beste talentene for din virksomhet

About Borgen Karriere

Who we are

Borgen Karriere is a leading recruitment and staffing agency based in Trondheim, specializing in providing quality solutions for recruitment and staffing needs in Trøndelag since 2021. With expertise in industries such as construction, cleaning, and production, we have been helping businesses find the best talent for their organizations. Our team at Borgen Karriere is dedicated to delivering top-notch recruitment services to our clients, ensuring satisfaction and success in every placement.

What we Do

At Borgen Karriere, we offer a range of staffing and recruitment services to assist businesses in meeting their staffing requirements. Whether you need temporary staff, permanent placements, or full-scale recruitment services, we have the expertise to support your needs. Our specialized staffing solutions cater to industries such as construction sites, industrial production, cleaning, and logistics, ensuring that we understand and meet the unique staffing requirements of each sector.

With our advanced screening and matching platform, we ensure that every candidate is thoroughly assessed and matched to the right job, guaranteeing a successful placement for both the employer and the employee. Our optimal recruitment process is designed to provide our partners with reliable and competent staff members who contribute to the growth and success of their organizations.

Why you should use us

Choosing Borgen Karriere as your recruitment partner means entrusting your staffing needs to a team of experts who are committed to delivering exceptional service and results. Our track record of success in Trøndelag speaks for itself, with satisfied clients and positive feedback from organizations such as HENT, TFS, and AS Byggservice.

We are dedicated to finding the right candidate for your organization and ensuring a successful hiring process that benefits both parties. Our skilled workers are the backbone of our success, and we take pride in offering top-notch recruitment and staffing services to our clients. With a focus on quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, Borgen Karriere is the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient recruitment solutions.

What can you ask?

  • How do you screen and select candidates for job placements?
  • What industries do you specialize in for staffing solutions?
  • Do you offer temporary staffing services for short-term projects?
  • Can you provide references or case studies of successful placements?
  • How do you ensure a good fit between the candidate and the job role?
  • What sets Borgen Karriere apart from other recruitment agencies in Trøndelag?

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