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How To Write A Interpretation Essay For College

What does it take to write a great interpretation essay? Creativity of course. An interpretation essay is an essay that finds additional meaning within another article, story or literary work, so having a creative mind will help you interpret what the author has said.

In a nutshell, an interpretation focuses on meaning and analyzes how that meaning is conveyed to the reader. It’s important to understand that your interpretation of the work does not judge the story, author, or its characters based on personal ethics or morality.

As always, your interpretation essay of a story should consist of an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

Your introduction will introduce the story and should capture the reader’s attention. A clearly written thesis statement should be evident and contains the literary interpretation and main idea.

The body of the essay should support the thesis statement within your introduction and include facts, examples, summaries as-well-as opinions, analysis, interpretation and insight. Basically, you need to interpret what the author has said in each part of the essay and give your personal opinion about its contents with supporting evidence. This will allow you to relate to you reader so they will agree with your ideas.
Your conclusion should summarize your interpretation and draw attention to the most important aspects of your analysis.

The best interpretation essay will provide the following:

Identifies the author, provides an interesting and informative title, and gives a brief summary of the literary work or story. Provides a clear interpretation of the author’s message and purpose in your own words.

Provides details, quotations from the story, and other evidence from your experience to support the interpretation.

At least three direct quotes from the story or literary work. Correct grammer and citation using MLA or APA format (unless otherwise directed by your professor or teacher).

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