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There will be no more staring at the keyboard while you type hindi! No more hunching over the keyboard looking for keys as you hunt and peck two-finger hindi typing because now you have the best app as hindi typing tutor. Keyboarding is a tech skill that almost everyone possesses. What makes a big difference in understanding how to touch type is how fast and accurate your typing is. Here are a fewb benefits if you download a2ztypingtutor on your keyboard:- 1. The hindi typing master helps you...

About A2Z Typing Tutor

Who We Are

At a2z Typing Tutor, we are dedicated to providing top-notch Hindi and English typing software for all government competition exams. Our user-friendly configurations and specialized lessons make it easy for individuals to improve their typing skills and accuracy. With detailed results and various practice sets, our typing tutor is designed to help beginners learn to type like a pro typist. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced typist, we have the resources to help you succeed in government exams that require typing proficiency.

What We Do

Our a2z Typing Tutor offers a comprehensive platform for users to practice and enhance their typing skills. With options to customize exam type, font size, language, test duration, and backspace settings, users can tailor their typing experience to meet their specific needs. We provide specialized lessons for exams such as SSC, steno typing, CRPF, RPSC, and High Court LDC exams, as well as other upcoming government exams. Our typing software offers typing tests of various durations, ranging from 2 to 30 minutes, allowing users to track their speed and accuracy progress. With our practice sets and detailed results, users can effectively increase their typing speed and prepare for upcoming government exams.

Why You Should Use Us

Choosing a2z Typing Tutor for your typing needs comes with numerous benefits. Our software is designed to cater to individuals at different skill levels, from beginners to advanced typists. We offer free typing lessons to help beginners kickstart their typing journey. With customizable settings and specialized lessons for various government exams, our typing tutor provides a tailored learning experience. Additionally, our detailed results showcase users’ speed in words per minute, keystrokes per minute, depressions per minute, and total mistakes in the paragraph. By using a2z Typing Tutor, you can improve your typing skills, increase your speed, and prepare effectively for government exams that require typing proficiency.

What Can You Ask?

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