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UGC Recognised Bachelors, Masters and PG Diploma in Finance. Centrally Located Campus in Delhi & Mumbai, 8+ Awards, 12,000+ Strong Alumni Network makes ICoFP Best MBA College in Delhi & Mumbai

About International College of Financial Planning

Who we are

Welcome to the International College of Financial Planning (ICoFP), your top MBA & BBA college with super specialized courses in finance & CFP. We are a UGC recognized institution offering bachelor’s, master’s, and PG diploma programs in finance. With a centrally located campus in Delhi & Mumbai, 8+ awards, and a strong alumni network of 12,000+, ICoFP stands as the best MBA college in Delhi & Mumbai. Our focus on the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certification sets us apart, ensuring excellence in education, examination, experience, and ethics.

What we Do

At ICoFP, we offer a comprehensive Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive financial advisory services. Our program covers topics such as cash control, lending, borrowing, and optimal utilization of financial resources for maximum returns on investment. With over 1,71,000 CFP certificants worldwide, our Certified Financial Planner course prepares you for a successful career in the financial services industry.

Why you should use us

Choosing ICoFP for your CFP education means gaining access to the highest level of certification in financial planning. Our program is internationally recognized and respected by consumers, professionals, and the industry. As a CFP certificant, you’ll enjoy enhanced career opportunities in the financial services sector, with top companies giving preference to CFP professionals for recruitment. Whether you aim to work in a corporate job, practice as an independent advisor, or start your own financial firm, CFP certification opens doors to diverse career paths.

What can you ask?

Visitors to ICoFP can ask us a range of questions related to our Certified Financial Planner program and financial planning in general. Here are some examples:

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  • Can you provide more information on the CFP exam structure and passing criteria?
  • How does ICoFP support students in preparing for CFP exams and achieving certification?
  • What are the career opportunities available to CFP certificants after completing the program?
  • Can you explain the different levels and modules of the CFP curriculum at ICoFP?
  • What sets ICoFP apart from other institutions offering CFP education?

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