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Contact Address: 104 West End Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235 Phone: (718) 285-9514 About US Nursery children nowadays are ready to explore everything. Their skills are becoming vastly refined and their abilities seem limitless. Skills such as turn-taking, playing make-believe, and kicking a ball are now milestones of every child’s development. Little Scholars has put together a curriculum to address each domain of development for an extensive potential of milestone achievements. Each day children ...

About Littlescholars Daycare

Who we are

At Littlescholars Daycare, we pride ourselves on being a premier child care center in Brooklyn, NY. We offer nurturing and educational care for children aged 0-5 in a safe and stimulating environment. Our goal is to provide a second home where children can explore their world daily, feeling safe and loved. Our teachers are not just caregivers; they are family, offering personalized care to ensure the well-being and growth of every child.

What we Do

Our daycare goes beyond academics to nurture vital skills in children. In our Brooklyn centers, children explore STEM subjects, embracing science, technology, engineering, and fun math in a diverse setting. We believe in the complete growth of every child, addressing their intellectual, social, physical, and emotional needs. Our activities are rooted in learning through play, cherishing individuality and promoting a love for learning.

We serve quality Kosher meals under the State Food Program (CACFP) to ensure freshness and balance for your child’s well-being. Additionally, we accept ACS/HRA Vouchers to make our high-quality care accessible to every family, regardless of finances. Through our partnership with NYC DOE, we provide free Universal Pre-K, blending the DOE curriculum with our activities to promote quality education and enrich our community’s future.

Why you should use us

Choosing Littlescholars Daycare means choosing a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive. Our dedicated team of teachers is committed to providing top-tier childcare, ensuring that every child receives the attention and care they deserve. We believe in building deep connections with parents to ensure the happiness and well-being of every child in our care.

Our focus on individualized care, engaging activities, and expert guidance sets us apart as a leading daycare center in Brooklyn. We strive to create a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for every child that walks through our doors, fostering continuous growth and development.

What can you ask?

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  • Can parents communicate with teachers and staff easily?
  • What kind of educational activities do you offer for different age groups?
  • Do you provide updates on my child’s progress throughout the day?
  • How do you handle special dietary needs for children in your care?

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