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Neil Jhonson-UNITED STATES THE PROFESSIONAL E-MAIL CUSTOMER SERVICES CONTACTS: +1877-220-0446, 12359, Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 170 , Reston Virginia 20191, Email: / Website: THE PROFILE-Neil jhonson Email Customer Service Department was established in the year 1997 . After having experience in the IT industry for many years through training and work assignments in a private firm, specialize in resolving and fixing up a issue related
“Can’t send or receive Emails”, “I can send but can’t receive emails”, “I can receive but I can’t send emails”, “ Some of my emails are missing”, “ I am getting a disk quota error ” ,” I’m getting a lot of undeliverable messages that I haven’t sent ”, “ I’m getting duplicate emails/receiving old emails again ”.


Our technicians are certified, experienced and knowledgeable in advising and communicating with our customers, they are the future success of the industry and as such we are committed to ongoing training and investing in their personal and professional growth. Our success as a company relies on the work ethic, integrity, knowledge, innovation, image and dependability of our technicians and we give the highest respect to these qualities. AIS image is essential to our success, and the way our customer perceives our image is extremely important and we strive to look and be the best in the industry. Our objective is to satisfy our client’s needs through high quality, excellent services that reveals value for money. We are attuned to our customer’s needs and we are undoubtedly committed to provide effective services to protect our clients from email hackers and Our Attitude: We believe that success is only achieved if a win relationship is implemented in all our business dealings. Success is based on long term relationships leading to co-operation. Our People: The greatest asset of any organization is its people. We understand this principle and concentrate on our efforts to growing even more valued expertise services in the market. Valued System: We believe in that life is only a series of better results. To achieve the result can’t receive lts decisively through perfect services and deservingly. Brand Name: Our brand names: American Infotech Solutions readily explains itself as professional email operator. Our brand name implies that we are in a class of perfect performers and unique. We offer our clients complete comfortable piece of mind whether in what level of infestation and type professionally. Guaranteed Services: Our expertise services are ever guaranteed for both business and individuals. Welcome to AIS Specialists.

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