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Hi and welcome to my profile! I'm Tim and it is a pleasure to meet you. All of us have certain skills we possess whether we were born to put them to good use or skills that we have acquired along the way and they just seemed like the right thing for us to implement in our daily lives. As for me? I'm not a Jack-of-all-Trades by any means but I do have natural skills as well as trained skills that I would love to share with you because that is how we help each other succeed in what works for us in our lives.

I have this illustration I use when explaining about how helping each other with our skills is very beneficial for everyone. For example, your automobile needs immediate service repairs done so you take it to the mechanic shop however, the mechanic becomes ill with the flu and starts to seek help from his/her preferred doctor to get well. What's worse is that the doctor is currently involved in some legal issues about a treatment that didn't go so well with a patient but rest assured the doctor's attorney is on top of things. But after all these things get resolved by each one's skills your automobile gets fixed and is running like new.

Not saying that life happens exactly in this way but you get the picture. The point is that we all can be a lifesaver to each other with our knowledge, skills and trades.

The knowledge and skills I have, some I have acquired through trade, some through education and others through experience. However, I am certified in teaching Life Skills and Behavioral & Mental Health as well as being a current student of Computer Science and Information Technology.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge & skills, meeting new friends and becoming a part of the 'Fun Advice Community'. Thank you everyone and I can't wait to talk soon. Best wishes!


Timothy Boston
The Street Teacher

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