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Founded in 2017, RELIFE—rebuild your life, is an international B2C cross-border e-commerce enterprise. Regarding the United States, Europe (UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain), Japan, and South Korea as our targeting, focusing on the designing and manufacturing of sports fitness equipment products, we have now treadmills, exercise bikes, pull-ups, dumbbells, dumbbell racks, dumbbell benches, trampolines, and gym-specific supporting products included in our catalog, all of which are suitable for home and light commercial fitness requirements. Adhering to the mission of “bringing health to all mankind” and the value of “health, wisdom, achievement, gratitude, dedication, and excellence”, we advocate a healthy lifestyle and have been continuously expanding our products and business to 220 countries and regions around the world.

Our Mission

Under such high pressure, fast-paced life in society nowadays, many sub-healthy people have health awareness, but they have no enough time to exercise in the gym. So our team design products based on the needs of the home, office, and light commercial groups. Based on scientific ergonomics and kinematics principles, we strive for perfection and meticulous research so that every piece of fitness equipment can be delicate and accurate. We hope every product of RELIFE can become a caring partner and bring a comfortable fitness experience for every sports and fitness enthusiast.

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