Ronnica Bartley

Sales Analyst, Caregiver /counselor, Adviser/consultant, General Writer, Clerk/transcriptionist, Assistant & Customer Rep..

About Ronnica Bartley

I am Ronnica Bartley an ambitious ,determined ,organized ,multi talented and intrinsically motivated professional .What I can guarantee is professionalism and ,precise details ,in a comprehensive format .Your task will be completed on time with confidentiality. My skills in creative writing such as identifying, modifying and creating a plot,the employment of both situational and verbal irony ,idioms, and literary devices to create spectacle from themes and motifs whether tragic,romantic or comedic will play a vital role in this project completion . Smooth flowing Poetry is not a problem it is as natural as breathing .To see some of my work visit my Facebook page i.e Ronnica Bartley / have five years of experience in creative writing , including philosophical writing .My pieces aim to invoke thoughts ,stir inspiration ,and internalization. English is my mother tongue ,data entry ,research ,and presentation have been an asset that my life depends on from Management skills to event planning skills .As they're vital in my role as an analyst ,assistant,researcher,student and secretary .Work to me is more than leisure( as it ensures my lifestyle) so I do it with more than pleasure
Meticulous In Documentation
Team Worker
Courteous & Ethical
Professional in work attitude
Intensive Creativity
Computer Literate (Microsoft word,Excel)
Can type 74 words per minute
Technical literacy
Trustworthy individual
Excellent Leadership skills
Fast learner
Multitasks easily
Self Teacher
Creative writer
Life coach
Event Planning
Basic First Aid Knowledge (suturing,poisoning,burns,internal and external bleeding,non complicated deliveries,choking,asthma attacks,venipuncture skills,minor dermal surgeries ,stab & shot wounds Nasogastric (NG) Tube Insertion & child first aid )
Excellent Culinary & House keeping Skills
Intermediate Wild survival skills (building wattle huts,hunting,wild agriculture,making basic transmitters,ropes,etc
Excellent skills in household projects and decor
Excellent skills in recycling projects
Good craft skills

Family Transportation Services Company: Sales 2015 - Now Associate,Bookkeeper,Typist,Accounts & Business Analyst
Duties: Worked as a secretary , accountant ,clerk, analyst
Handling money transactions,
Providing fast quality customer service
Providing documentation ;receipts,contracts
Ensuring Safety of all passengers
Ensuring that Senior Management is adequately,efficiently and promptly informed
Monitoring accounts of money and attendances
Acting as a Medical Caregiver (first aid) and Counselor for employees and passengers

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