What do you enjoy most in a story?

I am a writer by heart, and I was wondering what most people look for in a good book that makes it hard to put down. Can you please put down some things you find vital to a good story?

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I think that all good stories should always have funny bits in them. Also, a story doesn't have to make sense. If someone writes a story about something so weird, you just have to laugh. Whether it's about people finding life on the sun or a hidden world found inside a human life cell. The stranger it is, the more unique and exciting it can be. If someone laughs at your developing story, write more bits that will make them laugh harder and louder. As long as it's your story you can write whatever you want. A story is a window to a person's imagination. =o)

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I love a good mystery with a lot of character in the people in the story. Tell me about them, make them interesting and give them a twist. Tell me about the room they are in, the sights they see as they are going to do someone in. Or the last thing the person that gets done in is doing before they get done in. What are they thinking, what are their plans. Dig me in and make me feel like I know these people

I want to know the texture of the room and the colors. Is it a boring room, dull and drab? Is it colorful and busy? What does the day look like? Is it raining and gray? Is it bright and sunny? Dig me in and make me at home.

What does their pet look like? Did their Mom call that day.? Take your characters from an everyday life to a life none of us really want to live but are dying to know about. Take me on a ride of suspense! Then let me off with a big surprise, don't let me guess the ending and I am a pretty good guesser. You have to be good to fool me.

This is what I enjoy in a story. Don't put me to sleep, TV can do that.

math story

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OH one more thing lol

I like when parts of the story are true

whether they come from the write which is always a plus or from another persons life story and im not talking historical but normal people

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I know this boils down to individual style, but I like it when the author is narrating a story, like s/he is just talking to a friend...

what is the story behind it

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a story that doesnt take for ever I dont mean a short story

I mean like what you wrote in two pages I could write in two sentences,

it annoys me

and when I have no idea where a setting in taking place
and when you introduce a hundred characters at once I get confused and usually read something else

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I like crime storys and true stories

I highly recomend every one reading
Ma he sold me for a few ciggerettes by martha long

My mum told to read it and I was like no its proborly boring but I read a page and then I realized it was a great book that I could not put down I give it 10 outta 10

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The moral, theme, and value.

Add on to the story..
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I love to find a friend in a book, so a sympathetic narrator really appeals to me.

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