Were you ever spanked in public and how were you spanked there? what was your hardest spanking.

When I was a child and was bad when we were shopping, then we went to the next restroom and there, my mom/dad bared my bottom and I was spanked until I really cried. One time an other lady came into the restroom, but then she didn't help me, she just told my mom, that she should continue spanking my bottom, that would be very good. Well, I felt ashamed. Then I told her:"Fuck you." My mother felt ashamed for my behaviour. The woman asked my mother for the permission to punish me for being so rude. And then, the woman took me by the hairs and drag me out of the toilets to a to a room. There she sat down on an arm chair took me over her lap and began spanking me with the beld. In the beginning, I struggled, but because of that she spanked harder. The time she stopped, I didn't struggle anymore and just cryed and apologized and promised to be good forever. She told my mother that she is the owner of the store and if she had to spank me, she could ask for the key to do it in this room. Unfortunately, that happend many times. That was my hardest spanking ever.

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