Does anybody ever get mad when they're at a restaraunt eating, and a waiter or waitress asks if everything is all set, and you have to answer while eating? You're in a place where you are supposed to be polite, and then they just HAVE to come when you've got a mouthfull. Anybody have the same problem?

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I'd rather they ask me if I need anything while my mouth is full than them not asking me at all.

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Ok, just wondering...

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I was a waitress and I cannot tell you how hard it is not to bother someone at anytime during there visit. I tried to wait until I did not think they were talking, if they were not talking they were eating, if I let them be to long then they really needed somthing, even if I just asked them if I could get them anything else. So as long as they are polite, It does not matter to me, I would rather them check in, I hate waiting for another beer,
So my biggest pet peev, is when they come get your check and they say "do you need any change," instead of saying " I will be right back with your change"

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Doesn't bother me, afterall it is there job to make sure that everything you have is ok and to make sure you don't need anything else.

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They want to know if they like the food.

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