How to lose weight i'm suddenly gaining?

I los a lot of weight but now im starting to gain it all back ! how do I lose weight it ? I forgot yes I know its embaressing but please help me im going to go see my grandma in israel for the first time in 2 years and I dont want her to remeber me like last time she saw me ! please give me details

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There could be many reason why you are gaining weight. First of all were you taking a diet pill to help you lose weight..? Are you eatting junk food and too much of it all in one sitting..?

I say if you are serious about losing weight you need to control you portion very carefully. Don't eat foods that have empty calories and by that I mean foods that don't have any or little nutritional value. Eat 3 small well balanced meals a day including healthy snacks in betweeen. Drinks tons of water. Even if you are not thirsty, still drink water. It's very important to drink lots of water to lose fat. Eat every 3 hours to keep metabolism high. It must constist of having small meals so the body can burn all the calories consumed. Drink water if you get hungry in between meals and snacks. Many people mistake hungry for thirst. By drinking water your you trick your stomach that its full. And water will absolute do wonders for you skin and hair.

I was once 143 pounds at age 19-20 height 5'3". In a matter 6-7 months I went down to 105. My lightest I've ever been. All by watching what I eat when I eat and lots of water. Ofcourse you need to work out too.

And working out helps burn more calories especially if you do strenght training. Muscle burns more calories. Many people are mistaking by doing only cardio but you also need to work you muscles. If you are more then 30 pounds over weight the I would recommended a little more cardio day. I say 30-40 mins of cardio and 20-30 mins of strenght training.

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Okay, well I have a few tips for you and I just went to Israel, so I would love it if you fun mailed me and I can give you some details and tips! :)

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eat healthy... run a lot! best way right there... run and workout!

don't drink sodas... water water water!

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