Should i tell my son he's adopted?

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no need to tell unless he will know in some other way

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Many people have different opinions about this. Some people believe you don't need to tell your child they are adopted. Telling them may lead to depression and distance towards you because they believed all their life, they were your biological child. Others may not react in any bad way. Every child is different. Many other people think children have the right to know. If you tell them at an age they can fully understand the concept of being adopted, then they can still interact with their roots and where they are from. No child wants to be lied to, but it is your decision. You know your child more than anyone on here, so do what makes you comfortable. Understand though, telling your girl/boy they are adopted, does not make them YOUR child any less.

Should i tell my son he's adopted?

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Yes you should but befor you have to take him to see a Psychologist

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