Should i quit smoking weed?

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yes ! try smoking a salmon on the grill ! Thanks

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Probably, but not entirely lol

How do i quit smoking weed?

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Change your habbits, friends who smoke weed, etc

Should i quit smoking weed?
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what would you answer if you'd be 10 years later version of you?

Should i quit weed?

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Cannabis and medical marijuana has a lot of medical properties which can help people cure from diseases like cancer, PTSD, Alzheimer diseases and pain management. First, it has been proven to be effective treating certain types of cancer. Next, it has been proven to help with nausea. New research is showing how cannabis is helping veterans and others fight the effects of P.T.S.D. on daily life. One of the big issues facing veterans is abnormal sleep patterns. also The evidence that THC helps fight Alzheimer’s is growing by the month. What they are determining is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana reduce the level of beta amyloid in the brain. a key characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease. to know more about the treatment using Cannabis visit here

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Damon Berg is one of Southern California's leaders in providing information to military veterans about the benefits of Cannabis for the treatment of PTSD.
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What's the best way to quit smoking weed?

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