Should i change careers?

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If you do not like doing your job, you should consider changing careers. Your job should be something you love doing each and every day, something that you don't do just to pay the bills. Stop and ask yourself if you're really interested and love what you're doing

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If you are asking the question then it sounds like you might be unhappy in your current position. Could it be the company you work with, or is it the job in general?
With these things I would say that having a stable job is obviously important and can help meet your basic needs, however, if you can have a career that is also a passion then that is fantastic. I wouldn't personally change my job for the sake of it, but I think a career is different. If I felt there was something that I would really love to do and that I felt strongly about then I certainly would. Could you try getting some experience in the field you are interested in and see if it is as you envisage/ see the reality of it day to day?
It might be that you need training for a new path, so for now I would do your research and see what is needed and then work on making an active change.
For some people a job is just a job and pays the bills, and although that can feel boring, it allows them the freedom and money to do what they love alongside that. If you feel job satisfaction is important to you then I'd look at your interests and how to make a move.

Should i change careers?

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Yes so you can become a police man
so you can eat more donuts

What can my career be?
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if you are not comfortable with your career you need to change. But never change as per others opinion. Always be stable with your decision and be strong enough to follow your career. Each career will have its own importance as it leads to successful life. If you feel that it doesn't have any good to your life then move on with changing. To know more ref:

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