Is my boyfriend a narcissist?

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oui ton copain est un narcissique

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If your boyfriend exhibits the characters of one who is a dictator then you are definitely right and you should run for your life quickly.

Is my boyfriend a narcissist?
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Tell him to try something new which is not doggy style and you’ll be fine!

Why is my boyfriend so?
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A narcissist is someone who is obsessively attracted to him/herself, spends an inordinate amount of time on one’s appearance, and is very self-centered. If your boyfriend is like that, then he’s a narcissist. If he’s only a bit like that, then maybe he just likes to take very good care in his appearance. :)

Is my boyfriend ashamed of me?
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If your boyfriend shows the typical vanity signs AND also shows the common signs of Boardline Personality Disorder, then there's a good chance he's a closet narcissist...

What is my boyfriend to me?

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