How do i swallow quietly?

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If you swallow air with your food it tends to be louder. Try making sure you chew every bite until its total pulpy mush. It's hard to remember to do, especially when you're really hungry. But it will help.
If it's loud swallowing when you're drinking, it may be air again. We often suck our beverages to get them into our mouths. Especially drinking from bottles, cans and straws, but even from a regular glass you can suck air in, and that will add loudness to your swallows. BUT! It's also important to remember that YOU hear your swallowing way louder than anyone else because it's your head that's doing it. The throats (and nose) is connected to the ears through your Eustachian Tube, it's what makes that little popping sound when you swallow, or why people open their mouths and move their jaws around like weird horses when they are trying to get their ears to unpop. So, to recap, chew thoroughly, avoid air in your mouth before you swallow, and keep in mind that you hear yourself louder than other people.
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All calmly and without speed, the food will not escape

Want Peace And Quiet....

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You don't bother caring about it. You do not need to control your swallowing

Unusual Quietness...from me

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