Can you have religion without spirituality?

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No such things as spirits or ghosts. Is there? There isn't, right? I mean not really,huh? O'boy! Somebody answer me. . . Ya hear that? What was that? There aren't any . . .? Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

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God is a spirit and those who worship him must do so in spirit and in truth ! You can not see God , Jesus or the Holy Spirit because they are spirits and do not have touchable bodies ! You can not see the air you breath but you know it is there to breath because your alive and breathing the air ! If you were in a car and you had the windows up and no air circulation then you would die because you can not breath without air ! When you become a Christian then the Holy Spirit comes to live in your heart and if you do something wrong then the Holy Spirit convicts you of this wrong so that you feel bad and repent of your wrong doing so that you can go to heaven someday ! Thanks

Is spirituality and religion the same?

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WTF was the above rant? A disgruntled southern baptist that keeps getting rushed to emergency cause Gaawd won’t protect him from Venomous snake bites!! No faith bro!! Ooooooooooohouch


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