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MRU SWG 100 - Fixed Biogas Analyzer

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MRU SWG 100 Is A German Based Company Which Manufactures Well-Engineered, High quality, Durable, Portable And Stationary Emission Monitoring Systems which will withstand everyday use in punishing environments. Their Wide Range Of Products Includes Instruments For Mobile And Stationary Gas Analysis, Biogas And Syngas Analysis, Automotive Exhaust Gas Analysis, And Precision Digital Manometers. The portable biogas analyzer which they manufacture is an extremely useful product for industrial usage which is the reason SWG 100 Biogas Analyzer is widely used in all the industries across the world The SWG 100 is the rugged industrial analyzer to use with: - biogas plants - cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP) - bio methane plants (gas to grid) - landfill sites - municipal or industrial sewage water treatment sites