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Presen Bontek is a specialty tapes manufacturing company based in Gujarat, India. The company provides wide range of products catering to an array of industries such as Printing, Packaging, F.I.B.C Bags, Technical Textiles and Paper Industries. The products are marketed under brand PRESBON

Presen Bontek was established in 2018 with a vision of being a global name in self-adhesive products. This vision was ingrained in the company’s name PRESEN BONTEK itself, which is an anagram, for PREssure SENsitive BONding TEK(ch)niques.

The manufacturing unit is located in government designated industrial area at Sarigam, Stn. Bhilad, Gujarat. The plant location is about 140 Kms from financial capital Mumbai and is well connected with rail as well as State & National Highways.

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