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  1. Belgrade

    Belgrade (Serbian: Београд, Beograd) — meaning 'White City' — is the capital of the Republic of Serbia. With a population of over 1.

  2. Serbia

    Serbia (Serbian: Србија, Srbija) is a country located at the crossroads of Central Europe and the Balkans, on one of the major land routes from Central Europe to the Near East. It is bordered by Montenegro to the south, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the west, Bulgaria to the southeast, Croatia to the northwest, Hungary to the north, Macedonia and Kosovo to the south, and Romania to the northeast. The status of Kosovo — an Albanian-majority land today though historically part of Serbia and the site of the 1389 Battle of Kosovo, to this day a highly charged event in which the Serbian defenders were annihilated but also killed most of the attacking Ottoman forces and the Ottoman Sultan in the process — is quite controversial in Serbia, which does not recognize the region as independent.

  3. Titel

    Titel is a town and surrounding municipality in Vojvodina, Serbia.

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  4. Požarevac
  5. Novi Sad

  6. Vršac
  7. Kragujevac

    Kragujevac is a city in Serbia. With the population of 180 000, it is the fourth largest city in Serbia, the industrial center of the country, the main city of the Šumadija region and the administrative centre of Šumadija District.

  8. Banat

    For the purpose of this article, Banat is a region in western Romania.

  9. Kraljevo

    Kraljevo (in English "King's town") is a town and the administrative center of Raska District of Serbia. Kraljevo is located in central part of Serbia, at the confluence of the Ibar to the Zapadna Morava.

  10. Užice
  11. Timișoara
  12. Oravița
  13. Sasca Montană
  14. Bocşa
  15. Anina

  16. Szeged

    Szeged is the third-largest city in Hungary is a town in Hungary, located in the Southeast of the country and known as "the city of sunshine" for its brilliant weather, as well as for the imposing cathedral, a wealth of Art Nouveau and historicist buildings, and for the fish soup Halászlé.

  17. Palić
  18. Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park
  19. Reșița
  20. Vukovar

    Vukovar, The Hero Town is a city in Slavonia (eastern Croatia) along the Danube River. Although the city has a long cultural history, today it is most noted for its fate during the war in the early 1990s in the former Yugoslavia and often called "The Hero Town".

  21. Višegrad
  22. Semenic-Cheile Carașului National Park
  23. Lugoj
  24. Balkans

    The Balkans is a region that includes countries on the Balkan Peninsula in the southeast of Europe, including most of the former Yugoslavia.

  25. Tuzla

    Tuzla is the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in one of the most important industrial Bosnian regions. The city was hardly directly targeted by the war, except for an incident near the end of the war, when 72 people were killed by a shell fired into the Old Town during the evening.

  26. Caransebeș
  27. Osijek

    Osijek is a city in Eastern Croatia. It is an important transport hub and the principal city of Slavonia.

  28. Orșova