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  1. Sigulda

    Sigulda is administratively in the Riga region, however culturally a part of the Vidzeme region. The city is some 50 kilometers to the east of Riga.

  2. Ligatne

    Ligatne (Latvian: Līgatne) is a town in Gauja National Park in Latvia.

  3. Cesis

    Cēsis is a town in Gauja National Park, in the Vidzeme region of Latvia. Having only around 18,000 inhabitants, it is a fairly quiet historic town, containing two beautiful castles and parks, houses built in various different time periods as well as small cobbled streets in the Old Town.

    People near Sigulda

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      Vilnius, Lithuania
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      Tallinn, Estonia
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      Tallinn, Estonia
    • TheShadowEye

      Taxi, Jors, Säästu
      Tallinn, Estonia
    • Dangelo6

      Helsinki, Finland
    • Coffey_Cat

      Sewing, Weaving, Felting
      Helsinki, Finland
    • Наташа Жигарь

      Accounting, Finances, Advertising And M...
      Brest, Belarus

  4. Riga/Vecrīga
  5. Riga/Outer East Bank

    Outer East Bank is a part of Riga, here defined as the eastern bank of the Daugava river minus Old Riga and Centrs.

  6. Riga

    Riga is the capital of Latvia. With its 700,000 inhabitants, it's the largest city in the Baltic States and home to one in three Latvians.

  7. Riga/Centrs

    Centrs is a district in Riga, right northeast of the old town. In addition to the official Centrs district, this article also includes the northwestermost third of Maskavas Forstate, west of Lacplesa iela.

  8. Strenci

    Strenci (in Latvian Strenči) is a city in Valka district, northern Latvia, 25 km from the border with Estonia.

  9. Riga/Pārdaugava

  10. Seda (Latvia)

    Seda is a town in the Valka district of Latvia, with 1,500 inhabitants. It lies just 20 km from Valka and the Estonian border.

  11. Jekabpils

    Jēkabpils is a Latvian town located on the Daugava river, roughly halfway between the cities of Riga and Daugavpils.

  12. Smiltene

    Smiltene is a town in Valka District, Latvia with approximately 6,000 inhabitants.

  13. Bauska
  14. Madona

    Madona is a town in the center of eastern Latvia, in the eastern part of the Vidzeme region. It is home to 9,000 residents, and is a centre of culture, education, trade, sports, and medicine in the Madonas novads region.

  15. Jūrmala

  16. Valka

    Valka is a town in northern Latvia, on the border with Estonia. It and the Estonian town of Valga are actually one town, with the border running through it.

  17. Jelgava

    Jelgava (German: Mitau) is a city in Latvia about 41 km southwest of Riga.

  18. Panevėžys
  19. Pärnu
  20. Viljandi

    Viljandi is an ancient hilly city in the South of Estonia. Evidence of civilization around Viljandi dates back to 500 B.

  21. Kihnu

    Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga and one of the smallest municipalities in Estonia.

  22. Karula National Park
  23. Latgale

    Latgale is Latvia's easternmost region, bordering Russia and Belarus.

  24. Otepää
  25. Tukums

    Tukums is a town in Latvia, some 100 kilometers to the west of Riga.

  26. Daugavpils
  27. Ruhnu

    Ruhnu is a small island in Estonia, isolated from the rest of the country in the Gulf of Riga. The island is called Runö in Swedish.

  28. Alūksne
  29. Võru
  30. Rēzekne