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  1. Rakvere

  2. Lahemaa National Park
  3. Viljandi

    Viljandi is an ancient hilly city in the South of Estonia. Evidence of civilization around Viljandi dates back to 500 B.

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  4. Tartu

    Tartu (formerly known as Dorpat or Yuryev) is the second largest city in Estonia with a population of 100,000. It is a Hanseatic city and a university town.

  5. Aruküla

  6. Otepää
  7. Valka

    Valka is a town in northern Latvia, on the border with Estonia. It and the Estonian town of Valga are actually one town, with the border running through it.

  8. Tallinn

    Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, lies on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, only 70 km (43 mi) south of Helsinki. A city of over 400,000 inhabitants, it is home to a third of the country's population, and besides serving as the national capital, it is also the capital of Harju County in Northern Estonia.

  9. Seda (Latvia)

    Seda is a town in the Valka district of Latvia, with 1,500 inhabitants. It lies just 20 km from Valka and the Estonian border.

  10. Karula National Park
  11. Strenci

    Strenci (in Latvian Strenči) is a city in Valka district, northern Latvia, 25 km from the border with Estonia.

  12. Porvoo
  13. Jõhvi
  14. Helsinki/Eastern suburbs
  15. Võru

  16. Sipoo

    Sipoo (Swedish:Sibbo) is a municipality in Uusimaa, about 25 km east of Helsinki. It includes the towns of Nikkilä (Nickby) – which is also its administrative centre – and Söderkulla, plus a couple of smaller villages.

  17. Helsinki/South

    South Helsinki is in this guide defined as the part of Helsinki south of the Esplanadi and Bulevardi streets. It also includes the archipelago south of Helsinki, such as the Suomenlinna islands.

  18. Helsinki/Central

    Central Helsinki consists of the central parts of Helsinki east of Mannerheimintie, south of Pitkäsilta and north of Esplanadi; in short the commercial downtown plus Kruunuhaka and Katajanokka.

  19. Helsinki

    Helsinki (Finnish) or Helsingfors (Swedish) is the capital of Finland. Founded in 1550, the "Daughter of the Baltic" has been the Finnish capital since 1812, when it was rebuilt by the tsars of Russia along the lines of a miniature St.

  20. Helsinki/Inner East

    Inner East comprises the parts of Helsinki east of the railway, north of Pitkäsilta, south of freeways 4 and 45 and west of Kulosaari.

  21. Helsinki/Kamppi and Southwest

    Kamppi and southwestern Helsinki is here defined as the part of the city raying out to the southwest of the city core, stretching along freeway 51 to the border of next-door Espoo. It's delimited by Baana and Hietaniemi cemetery in the northwest, Mannerheimintie in the east and Bulevardi in the southeast.

  22. Helsinki/West

    Western Helsinki comprises the parts Helsinki that are west of the railway, northwest of Baana and all the way past Munkkiniemi and Munkkivuori shopping mall up to the Pitäjänmäki roundabout.

  23. Pärnu
  24. Vantaa and Northern Helsinki

    Vantaa (Swedish: Vanda) is in the Uusimaa region in southern Finland, right north of Helsinki. Part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, it is the fourth most populous city in Finland.

  25. Espoo

    Espoo (Swedish: Esbo) with a population of a quarter of a million is the second largest city in Finland. It's part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area along with the cities of Helsinki, Vantaa, and the small city of Kauniainen which is completely encircled by Espoo.

  26. Sillamäe
  27. Laulasmaa

    Laulasmaa is a small coastal village in North Estonia. It's situated 20km east from Paldiski and about 40km west from Tallinn.

  28. Kirkkonummi

    Kirkkonummi (Swedish:Kyrkslätt) is in Uusimaa, about 30km west of Helsinki.

  29. Paldiski

    Paldiski is a town (population: 4,000) on the shore of Baltic Sea, in Harjumaa county in northwestern Estonia.

  30. Narva-Jõesuu
  31. Kihnu

    Kihnu is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga and one of the smallest municipalities in Estonia.

  32. Narva

    Narva is Estonia's easternmost city, with about 70,000 inhabitants.

  33. Haapsalu

    Haapsalu is a major seaside resort town on the west coast of Estonia, approximately 100 km south-west of Tallinn. Haapsalu was chartered in 1279 and is well known for its historic and maritime ambience, warm sea water, curative mud baths and friendly residents.

  34. Vormsi