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  1. Dresden

    Dresden is the capital of Saxony (Sachsen). It's often referred to locally as Elbflorenz, or "Florence on the Elbe", reflecting its location on the Elbe river and its historical role as a centre for arts and beautiful architecture - much like Florence in Italy.

  2. Freital

    Freital is a town in the Elbe Valley region of Saxony. One of the major centers of coal-mining, Freital preserves late 19th century buildings and a number of technical landmarks, including the historical narrow-gauge railway Weißeritztalbahn.

  3. Radebeul

    Radebeul is a historic wine-growing town and residential suburb between Dresden and Meissen in Saxony, Germany.

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  4. Moritzburg
  5. Meißen

  6. Bad Gottleuba-Berggießhübel
  7. Rathen

    Rathen is a spa town in Saxon Switzerland, Germany. It is close to the Bastei, the most famous rock formation and spectacular viewpoint in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

  8. Königstein
  9. Teplice

    Teplice ("taeplitse") is a city in North Bohemia, Czech Republic. Teplice is known for its thermal spas, which are particularly popular with visitors from the Middle East.

  10. Freiberg

    Freiberg is in Saxony, Germany. It has one of the best preserved historic town centres in the state, is known for its cathedral and centuries-old mining tradition.

  11. Bad Schandau

    360px|thumb|Bad Schandau old centre, seen from the opposite bank of the Elbe

  12. Ústí nad Labem
  13. Riesa
  14. Děčín
  15. Mühlberg

  16. Bohemian Switzerland National Park

    Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Národní Park České Švýcarsko) is in North Bohemia.

  17. Litoměřice
  18. Terezín
  19. Bautzen

    Bautzen (Sorbian: Budyšin) is an old city in Saxony, Germany. It is a well preserved medieval city and the cultural center of the Sorbian community in Germany.

  20. North Bohemia

    North Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic and it consists of Ústí nad Labem Region and Liberec Region. This part of the country is not a popular travel destination because it had few well-known sights.

  21. Chemnitz

    Chemnitz is a city situated in southwestern Saxony, with around 250 000 inhabitants the third-largest city in the state, after Dresden and Leipzig. Originally based around a monastery, the settlement was granted city status in 1170.

  22. Torgau
  23. Cottbus

    Cottbus is a city in the southeast of Brandenburg state, in Germany. It is the state's second-largest city and is considered the cultural center of the Sorbs, a Slavic ethnic minority in eastern Germany.

  24. Colditz

    Colditz is a country town in the state of Saxony in Germany. It is widely known for its medieval castle, which served as a prisoner-of-war camp for Allied officers during World War II.

  25. Spreewald
  26. Oberwiesenthal

    Oberwiesenthal is a winter sports resort in Ore Mountains in Saxony in Germany. With altitude 914 m above sea level Oberwiesenthal is the highest located "city" (Stadt) in Germany.

  27. Herrnhut

    Herrnhut is a small town in the Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz) region of Saxony (Sachsen), in Germany. In the 18th century, Herrnhut gave birth to the Moravian spiritual renewal and missions movement under Count Nicolaus Ludwig Von Zinzendorf (1700-1760).

  28. Grimma
  29. Bad Muskau

    Bad Muskau is a spa town in northeastern Saxony, Germany, on the border with Poland. It is known for its palace and extensive landscape gardens that are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  30. Prague
  31. Prague/West bank of Vltava
  32. Prague/Castle and Lesser Town
  33. Prague/Old Town and Josefov

    The right bank section of District Prague 1, the oldest settled area, consists of the Old Town of Prague (Czech: Staré město) and the Jewish Town (Czech: Josefov).

  34. Prague/New Town and Vysehrad

    The New Town of Prague (Czech: Nové Město) is in the east bank area to the east and south of the Old Town. A large part of New Town that borders Old Town from east (Republic Square lies on the border) and south belongs to Praha 1 district.

  35. Karlovy Vary

    Karlovy Vary (also known as Karlsbad, its German name or Carlsbad, its English name) is a city in Bohemia, in the western Czech Republic.

  36. Prague/East bank of Vltava
  37. Karlštejn
  38. Görlitz
  39. Central Bohemian Uplands

    The Central Bohemian Uplands ('Çeske Stredohori) constitute a protected landscape area in North Bohemia.

  40. Zwickau

    Zwickau is a city in Saxony. Its rich history includes the facts that it is the birthplace of the 19th-century Robert Schumann and a number of automotive makes, most famously Horch and its junior companion brand Audi, which survives until today being based in Ingolstadt, and the post-war East German small car Trabant.

  41. Loket

    Loket is a town in Bohemia in Western Czech Republic with a population of 3,200.

  42. Central Bohemia

    Central Bohemia is a region in the Czech Republic. It has two regions for agribusiness purposes: Central Bohemia Region, and capital city Prague.

  43. Ludwigsfelde

    Ludwigsfelde is a small industrial city with around 23,000 inhabitants a few km south of Berlin.

  44. West Bohemia
  45. Pilsen

    thumb|right|300px|Center of Pilsen with the St. Bartholomew Cathedral

  46. Wittenberg
  47. Liberec

    Liberec (German: Reichenberg) is nestled in the Jizera Mountains, at the foot of Ještěd mountain in the Bohemia] region of the northern [[Czech Republic.

  48. Leipzig

    Leipzig is the largest city in the German federal state of Saxony, with a population of approximately 570,000. It is the economic center of the region, known as Germany's "Boomtown" and a major cultural center, offering interesting sights, shopping and lively nightlife.

  49. Eisenhüttenstadt
  50. Berlin/South

    The South is a district of Berlin. It consists of the boroughs of Steglitz, Zehlendorf, Tempelhof, Neukölln, Treptow and Köpenick.

  51. Nové Město pod Smrkem
  52. Mariánské Lázně
  53. Potsdam
  54. Frankfurt an der Oder

    Frankfurt an der Oder (Abbreviated as: Frankfurt (Oder) or sometimes Frankfurt/Oder) is on the Oder River in Brandenburg, a state of Germany. It lies directly on the border with Poland, and is connected via bridge to its Polish sister city Slubice.

  55. Bohemian Paradise

    The Bohemian Paradise (Czech: Český ráj) is a protected landscape area located in North Bohemia, Czech Republic. It provides numerous options for hiking and biking through the environment.

  56. Benešov
  57. Lützen
  58. Gera
  59. Františkovy Lázně
  60. Cheb

    Cheb is a city in Bohemia in Western Czech Republic with a population of 33,500 and is close to the German border.

  61. Dessau
  62. Plauen

    Plauen is the biggest city of the Vogtland in the federal-state of Saxony (Freistaat Sachsen). It is famous for its lace industry.

  63. Merseburg

    Merseburg is a more than thousand-year-old town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

  64. Halle

    Halle is the largest city in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany with a population of 233,700. Located on the river Saale, it is often referred to as Halle an der Saale, or Halle (Saale) for short, to distinguish it from other municipalities in Germany sharing the same name.

  65. Špindlerův Mlýn
  66. Naumburg

    Naumburg is in Southern Saxony-Anhalt. Germany is going to apply at the UNESCO to add the Naumburg Cathedral and "the medieval dominion on Saale and Unstrut" to the list of cultural heritages.

  67. Mödlareuth
  68. Hof
  69. Jelenia Góra
  70. Jena

    Jena is a city in the central German state of Thuringia (Thüringen). It is a centre of science and technology with a reputable university, several research institutes and high-tech plants, especially focusing on precision mechanics and optical industries.