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  1. Doha

    Once little more than a minuscule pearl fishing village, Doha, Qatar's capital and largest city, has emerged to become one of the pearls of the Middle East. It is one of the most rapidly-developing cities in the Persian Gulf, akin to the development seen in nearby Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and is destined to become a centre of international trade and travel.

  2. Qatar

    Qatar (Arabic: قطر; pronounced kut-ar) is a rich Arab state occupying a small peninsula extending into the Persian Gulf to the north of Saudi Arabia, east of Bahrain and west of the United Arab Emirates.

  3. Al Wakrah

    Al-Wakrah is a city in eastern Qatar, just south of Doha. The town has a history independent from that of the capital, but in recent times has developed into a bedroom community of Doha.

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  4. Umm Salal Mohammed

    Umm Salal Muhammad is a town in Qatar, located in the Umm Salal municipality, about 15 km north of Doha. An easy and pleasant morning or afternoon trip out of Doha, it is a short drive from the northern outskirts of Doha on the North Road to Al-Ruweis.

  5. Mesaieed

    Mesaieed, also known as Umm Sa'id, is a major town and port on the Qatar peninsula. Similar to many cities across the country, Mesaieed was founded in 1949 as a tanker terminal, to help grow Qatar's oil industry.

  6. Al Shahaniyah

    Al Shahaniyah (alternatively Al Sheehaniya) is a town in central Qatar, out to the west of Doha, in the Al Rayyan municipality.

  7. Al Khor

    Perched on the eastern coast of the Qatari peninsula, Al-Khor (alternatively, Al Khawr; Arabic: الخور) is a major settlement just north of Doha. The city is far older than Doha, but much smaller (the population is roughly 31,000).

  8. Dukhan

    Dukhan is an industrial city in the western reaches of Qatar. Dukhan was founded when oil was first discovered in the region, and its purpose has not changed since.

  9. Al Ruwais

    Al Ruwais, also spelt Ar Ru'ays, is the northernmost city of the Qatar peninsula. With a population of just under 4,000 people, it is little more than a sleepy fishing village, the seaside teeming with local dhow boats.

  10. Muharraq

    Muharraq is a metropolitan area in Bahrain, an island connected to the northeast of the capital of Manama.

  11. Manama

    Manama (Arabic: المنامة, transliteration: al-Manāma) is the capital and largest city of Bahrain with an approximate population of 157,000 people, roughly a quarter of the country's population.

  12. Sir Bani Yas Island