Washington Crossing Historical Park

Washington Crossing is in Pennsylvania.

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About Washington Crossing Historical Park

Washington Crossing Historic Park is a 500-acre park divided into two sections: the Thompson's Mill section and the Washington Crossing section.

Washington Crossing was named for its close proximity of General Washington's crossing of the Delaware river on Christmas day of 1776. Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze immortalized this moment with his famous picture, Washington Crossing the Delaware.

With the area being this rich in history, there are tons of ways to enjoy it. Every year, a reenactment of the crossing of the Delaware is done on Christmas day, just like in 1776. Come out and see General Washington and his troops cross the Delaware in full uniforms. If you can't make it on Christmas day, the second Sunday in December is the dress rehearsal. Additional activities, events, and demonstrations also take place on the day of the dress rehearsal.

Washington Crossing is a great spot to get away. Just a short drive from New York City and Philadelphia, it could be your one night retreat on route between the cities, or a week long escape from the hustle of city life. History and nature are just a few of the things you can indulge in.


Source: wikivoyage